A Story About Nutrition and Hunger

by Paul Stevenson

I would like to tell you here a story about how stress affected my way of eating and feeling hunger. Basically I am going to speak about a specific blockage due to stress.

When I was at university I had the chance to be a system administrator. It was a great fun! I had a network of 12 PCs and a server to administer. The room was supposed to provide free internet to the students of the university. So guess what I and my friends were doing at any free minute we had?. Of course we were there playing games. It was a really great fun having seven or eight of us in a network playing all those strategy live time games. It was so absorbing that sometimes we were staying there during the nights! Hehehe.

But what I wanted to tell you is about the way those games affected my feeling of hunger. We could stay in this room for more than 12 hours a day (particularly during weekends) sitting in a chair in front of a computer. So the normal expectation should be to feel hungry at a particular point in time, shouldn?t it? However it was not happening. The feel of hunger was coming 15 to 20 minutes after I was out of the room. And I can assure you, it was a terrible hunger! Always I was having the feeling that I can eat an elephant.

So what was the reason? Of course the game! It was so absorbing for my mind that I was not paying any attention to the appeals my body was sending to me. And of course after 12 hours of tension (how to beat the bad guys is a great source of tension, hehehe) and unconscious starving it was normal to feel hungry as hell!

The normal reaction to this situation was to immediately fill my stomach with any kind of food wherever possible. Usually I was regularly overeating with pizza. And I was feeling twice more terrible because first my body was exhausted due to the 12 hours of starvation and second I was wasting twice more energy trying to catch up with the needed nutrients. Perfect lifestyle for a student!

It was a great fun but at the end of the day this story is a very good example of the devastating effect stress has on the normal processes of life. It this case stress was caused by the game and unconsciously all of us preferred the emotional stimulus instead of life.

Beware! Stress is the biggest enemy of life!

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