Antistress Breathing Techinque?

Here I would like to share with you my antistress breathing technique which has always helped me to get an immediate stress relief in just couple of seconds.

  • Posture
    Get a chair and find out a comfortable position. This usually happens if you sit at the edge of the chair and let your backbone get its natural shape
  • Relax your shoulders; Relax the diaphragm
  • Take a slow deep breath through your nose. Think of a white air with metal flash going into and filling all your lungs.
  • Keep the air in your lungs for 5 seconds letting as much as possible oxygen going into your blood and as much as possible carbon dioxide going out
  • Breathe out slowly through your mouth making gently the noise ?sssssssssss?. Think of a red dirty air going out of you and letting you free from any tension and stress
  • Do not contract any muscles. Just let the air out completely
  • Do the exercise 10 times and relax.

Antistress Breathing and Oxygen

For best effect it is good to do this exercise in the mountains or if not possible in a park where the air is relatively clean and fresh and will give you the necessary oxygen.

Oxygen plays a key role in getting an immediate stress relief. First of all our brain needs oxygen to function properly. In addition as we breathe oxygen purifies our blood by removing poisonous waste products circulating throughout our blood systems.

Although breathing is a natural process most of us do not breathe correctly. While being under pressure we breathe fast and do not use the full capacity of our lungs, which hinders the purification process and cause gradual pollution of the blood.

Regular physical exercises as well as breathing techniques like the antistress technique described above are critical activities you have to blend in your daily round in order to provide the necessary oxygen to fight stress.

Sounds and Colors

I would like to draw your attention to the sounds and colors involved in the technique. They play critical role in the purification process I mentioned above.

The white color is a symbol of cleanness and helps visualize the sense of cleaning. In addition according to Chinese medicine white color and metal are the color and element of lungs. Thinking of them while breathing will strengthen and revive this organ.

Chinese healers know for centuries that there is a close relation between certain sounds and the internal human organs functioning. The sound "sssssss" is considered to have a significant healthy influence on the lungs. If you pronounce it while breathing you will help your lungs function properly

Try Tiger balm. It really helps relieving most of the physical effects of stress.

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