Balancing Personal and Professional Life for Stress Reduction

by Vishal P. Rao

While there are various causes of stress in current life
scenario's, one of the main aspects that causes stress is the
critical balance between personal and professional time. In all
probability professional time creeps into personal time and then
there are times when personal commitments tend to creep into
professional or work time too. While you may need to stay late to
meet a deadline, there are also times when you have to go for a
parent teacher meet in your child's school. While it may seem
easy to state that stress causing situations should be avoided,
it is not really a practical solution. Can you avoid late nights
in office at times? Can you not go to the parent teacher meet?
All life's priorities need to be attended to and at times there
are clashes between multiple priorities in terms of time.

Letting things remain the way that they are and attacking each
situation on a day to day basis is not really a solution. This is
mainly because of the fact that stress can lead to physical
issues like increased heart rate, digestive problems, breathing
difficulties and skin trouble too. In severe cases, it can cause
psychological issues and lead to clinical depression and
disorientation. It is therefore, evident that you need to have effective stress management techniques to enjoy life to its fullest.

Below are some pointers that can help you balance professional
and personal life so as to manage stress effectively.

Do not try and be Superman (or superwoman for that matter) ? Set
expectations from yourself that are practical and realistic. The
main reason for stress is the expectations that we set for
ourselves and then are unable to meet them due to time constraint
or incapability. Understand that there are only 24 hours in a day
and that you do need to sleep and eat too. Plan your tasks and
daily schedule based on what you can accomplish rather than what
you would want to accomplish. All of us want to do a lot of
things in life but expecting that you can do all that you want in
a day is being unrealistic and almost cruel to yourself.

Share your workload ? There is no doubt that your work is par
excellence. But that is no reason for doing all the work on your
own. At work it is essential that you understand the skills of
delegating effectively to your subordinates. It is wrong to think
that if you do not do all the work yourself, you shall not grow.
In fact those who learn to delegate efficiently are the ones who
can grow to managing larger teams. At the home front too, you can
discuss your situation with your family members and reach out to
them for a lending hand. Share the household responsibilities
with the family members and assign specific tasks and
responsibilities to each member. Do not forget to include
children in this discussion so that they can also learn to take
on responsibilities.

Set aside some personal time ? While you may feel that there is
no time for entertainment or personal time for hobbies and
relaxation, working all the time can make you very dull. No doubt
that the proverb 'All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy'
has been so popular through the ages. Make sure that you take
time out for something that you enjoy doing. This could be
reading, exercising, chatting with a friend or anything else that
gives you pleasure. Whatever, you may chose to do, make sure that
you do it in a time that has been set aside for the same without
any interruptions or disturbances during that time.

If you go ahead and practice these points and stick to them, you
are sure to find that you feel more relaxed and enjoy life more.
Otherwise, you may realize at an older age that you have reached
a certain age and really not done the things that you like to do.

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