Banish Stress for Good with These 5 Key Strategies

by Anitta Carr
(Toronto, Canada)

Although it is said that short-term stress can have some benefits and it is the longer term stress to look out for, both may have a negative impact on your health and well-being and here are 5 key strategies to deal with this.

Short-term stress can occur in times of job interviews, public speaking or confrontation with people. Your heart beats fast, temples ache, stomach knots up or even hands tremble. You may act out of character and do or say something that can make the situation worse. If you are in a stressful state over a longer period of time this leads to chronic stress where the body breaks down and gets sick easily and other areas of life such as relationships suffer. It is important to realize when you are reacting in a state of stress and the following strategies will help you get to the stress when it starts and ensure that it does not go on too long.

#1 Body Inventory

Take a look at how you are holding your body and do a quick inventory. Are your shoulders tense? Do you have shallow breathing? Are you holding your stomach in tightly? Relax these areas by focusing on each one in turn and taking deep belly breaths. You should be able to feel your abdomen rise if you put your hand on it and let your shoulders relax. Let your head relax and feel your body melt. Relaxing the body can have a calming effect on the mind as you can get more oxygen in to the brain and get you out of a fight or flight mode.

#2 Vicious Thoughts

Start to pay attention to the thoughts that you are having. Is there something continuously going around in your mind sending you into a stressful state? Ask yourself if the thoughts you have are really true and if things will really turn out that way? Play a game where you can imagine everything working out positively. What does that look like? Hold that new thought in your mind.

#3 Expectations

Letting go of attachment to expectations can also help to reduce the physical affects stress has on our body so if we are disappointed with someone or an experience we can try to give a little leeway. A wedding or our partner may never be perfect. By remembering times in the past that we have not been so perfect and forgive ourselves for that then we can forgive someone else too.

#4 Loss of Control

Stress can arise when we feel a loss of control over a situation or we jump to conclusions. By finding out as much information as we can and contacting others to get more viewpoints we can get back in the driving seat. Do not be afraid to ask for help as there are many people out there that are willing to give support.

#5 Energy Exercises

Try some energy healing exercises such as EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques or TAT: Tapas Acupressure Technique. The basis for EFT is that cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system. The process uses the energy meridians much like in acupuncture but fingers to tap on these points along with short affirmations and statements. TAT is also a meridian therapy but uses a holding procedure along with thoughts. These help not only when stressed in the moment but can also help by uncovering underlying reasons for the stress to appear in an individual.

Anitta Carr is an EFT practitioner and success coach. Her passion lies in assisting others to overcome their limiting beliefs. Through her keen intuition, perception and energy healing her clients gain greater clarity, personal power and achievement.

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