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by Michael Meredith
(Cambridgeshire UK)

The Magic of Holistic Stress Management

The Magic of Holistic Stress Management

If you don't change direction you will end up exactly where you're heading! We all need to make some "course corrections" in our life from time to time. We all need to (re-) connect with our life purpose and core values on a regular basis. We all need to "get out of a rut" if it is leading nowhere that excites, inspires and fulfills us.

Sunflower Health does not provide answers, it helps you to connect with your own deeper wisdom and intuitive guidance. This alone will not be enough - we all have a "saboteur" lurking within us - outdated beliefs, patterns and perceptions that no longer serve us or, worse still, actively steal our energy, self-esteem, opportunities, fulfillment and peace of mind.

Why keep going round in the same old circles? Check out the free stuff on our websites devoted to holistic healing and stress-management, or come to one of our workshops, or book a personal coaching consultation in person, by email or via Skype.

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