Cold Stress and How to Face It

Cold stress is the stress caused by cold.

We have a constant body temperature of 36.6 degrees centigrade and our body needs energy to maintain it. Any change in the surrounding temperature results in internal processes trigering with the only purpose to maintain this constant level of body warmth.

If we get exposed to cold for a long period of time we loose too much energy to keep our body temperature constant and this affects all other vital processes (any process needs energy).

Once our immune system becomes weak all viruses and bacteria around feel invited to a party. The result is that first we feel down, demotivated and at the end of the day we can get ill.

Here are some basic steps we need to do if we want to address effectively cold stress. Even if we go to the shop just opposite of the street cold can seriously affect us (especially during winter).

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  1. The rule of HSG (Hat, Shawl, Gloves) states: "Always put on a Hat; never forget your Shawl; do not loose the Gloves"

    Even for the shortest exposures to cold - take them always with you.

  2. Ears massage. In case you forget to put your hat on your ears will freeze. Since numerous biologically active points are located at the ears, this might have an impact allover the body.

    The ears massage will stimulate them and will have a beneficial effect on all organs in the body associated with them. This is an effective way to address cold stress.

    Have a look at the exact massage steps here…

  3. You have to avoid at any cost having cold feet and arms. Being separate from the body they usually freeze easily. Anybody who has ever had a look at an acupuncture map of the feet and arms could easily understand the broad impact of having cold feet and arms over the whole body.

    Put your legs and arms in hot water with sea salt for at least 15 minutes. The easiest way to do it is to take a wash basin, fill it with hot water (at least 40 but not more than 60 degrees centigrade), put crystals of sea salt in the basin and put your legs and arms in the water. The hotter the water the better the effect (pay attention to not burn yourself, though)

  4. Once you get into a warm place you have to warm all your body. You may not feel it but irrelevant how well you were dressed your body is significantly colder than its usual state (particularly if the temperature outside is below 0 degrees centigrade).
    • Hurry to take off your jacket - irrelevant how cold you feel, your body will get warmer much faster without it once you are inside
    • Go next to the heating and remain there for at least 15 minutes
    • If the heating is not too hot, put your legs and arms on it for at least 15 minutes

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