Corrective Actions for Stress Protection

The Effective Counter Reaction

What are the corrective actions for the bad impact we have already caused to other people?

How to correct something we have done in the past? Especially if it has already material impact on somebody’s possessions or feelings.

Tough questions, huh?

You need an answer for them though, because the levels of stress you have to deal with just because an insulted person acts against you may be significant.

I will be frank with you – making the corrective actions work might be tough to explain and tough to do. It relates on the one hand to our power to forgive; and on the other hand to our ability to bless.

Since the words I have just used are usually used by religion writers and are often misunderstood I would like to explain them here.

What is to forgive? I use forgive to describe the action of stopping to be angry with a person and to no longer wish to punish him/her.

What is to bless? I use bless to describe our ability to express positive wishes for happiness and wellbeing towards the people around us.

So the corrective actions for a mistake we have done in the past involve two steps:

  1. Deal with the impact of our actions on ourselves - forgive
  2. Deal with the impact of our actions on the others - bless


Basically forgiveness is the process of bad records deletion from the unconscious. What happens is that when a person insults or hurts us, we give our unconscious the order to find a way to make him feel at least as bad as we have felt (Law of Words Power). This happens immediately after we have just classified the person’s actions as unfair and deeply inside have accused him for having carried them out.

If we don’t find a way to delete this record we will be constantly looking for ways to hurt the guy (of course again unconsciously) and the Law of Giving and Receiving will be bringing the same back to us repeating this cycle until the end of the world.

So first we have to set our mind free and forgive the bad guys – it is for our own sake!

How should forgiveness be given?

how to relief stress It is another tricky question. Many people just say some fake words to fool them selves and continue to bear the insult. Forgiveness should not be done superficially. We have to erase the negative attitude deep down from the unconscious, which means that we have to do this sincerely.

The most frequent human reaction to forgiveness is: “Why should I do this? Are you crazy?!?! He has done this and this to me and you are expecting me to just forgive him?!?! No way!!!”

This reaction comes because generally people are ignorant of the General Laws of Life. Humans are convinced they are by them selves in this world, isolated and invincible in their physical bodies, and have no respect to anything else but their own ego. Unfortunately for them such kind of behavior is subject to adjustments. The result is of course – suffering.

So first thing to do – forgive the bad guys! If we are lucky enough to not have already found a way for revenge the chain will be broken soon enough and we will not have to proceed with the second step. If however this is not the case and we have already hurt another person either materially or emotionally we have to use the second corrective actions - bless him.


Blessing is not possible without a sincere forgiveness. If we still hold the injury of the other person’s actions our bless will be fake and will not be effective – the person will just not believe us.

Blessing is the process of our bad impact redemption. Manifest a sincere wish for happiness and wellbeing towards the person and you will increase your chances to receive forgiveness. Pay specific attention to this part: in order to correct the bad effects of what we have done we need to be forgiven by the affected persons. This is the only way to break the vicious circle.

There are two possible ways to bless a person

  1. To do it explicitly – go to the person and apologize sincerely wishing him all the best. This is what we know as a simple apology.
  2. To do it quiet, deep inside and leave the Laws to convince the person. This way might take a bit more time putting the Laws into action but the effect will be the same. Here we have the advantage that it is not obligatory to meet the person personally.

Both ways work! The only condition is to be sincere while doing it.

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