How to Deal with Fears?

Dealing with Fears

To deal with fears we need to know where they come from. It is a tough topic, isn’t it? Some of them come from far back in time while we were children; others we may have acquired recently.

Unfortunately we are usually so accustomed to them that we are even not able to realize we bear them since we have started breathing on this planet. Quite often we even are unwilling to get rid of them because they have become the driving forces in our life. We think they are part of our personality and we would loose flavor without them.

Take for instance the fear of failures or mistakes. What we usually think is that having some respect from failures is productive – it gives us stimulus to develop. Makes sense but only if you don’t go deep.

Weak up, my friend!!! Look the truth in the eyes!!!

The fear of failures is related to the fear of banishment and again ends up with the fear of death. It keeps you always tense. You have to be ready for reaction in any situation irrespective of the circumstances; not just a reaction – you have to deliver the right one, the best one! Otherwise you fail; you are not good enough; you will not be accepted and you will be laughed at; you will be alone; you will perish.

It has nothing to do with the creative aspect of human kind, which drives personal and professional development. Just the contrary – by thinking what could happen if you did something wrong, you block yourself!!!

To deal with fears you have to discover them and recognize the devastating effects they have on you. This is the first step, which by the way does not guarantee success at all. It is just the beginning of one of the cruelest fights ever – the fight with yourself. This site gives you useful tips, which may help to win this battle.

It lets you know about the general principals (laws) we as living creatures have been created upon and gives you five basic tips which guarantee basic compliance with them. Knowing and following those laws is the base to deal with fears and stress.

deal with fears

This link will take you to the 3 SIMPLE STEPS MANAGING STRESS STRATEGY which makes the above described scheme working and helps to deal with fears as a first step of the way towards life without stress.

Deal with Fear of Death

Death is something very scaring for the ordinary human. Young people do not really realize it but once/if they reach the age of 40 or 50 it starts to manifest quite distinctively.

The simple reason for this is that no one has returned back to tell us how the things are going after it happens. At least until now we don’t have a reliable source of information regarding this topic.

The fear of death has an extremely devastating effect on humans with strong ego. The simple thought that they will perish just like that makes them do miracles and insanities. Those guys usually tend to consider themselves knowledgeable, invulnerable and as a separate piece from the world around; they act with confidence and trample on everything sitting on their way to achieve the goals they have. The fear of death is a powerful driving force!!! Beware!

The situation described above might not be so negative if the ego person has discovered early enough his/her gifts and the results of his/her actions tend to be more often miracles rather than insanities. Even if this is the case this person could achieve much more if his/hers driving force was not just the ego.

Unfortunately not every one of us is lucky enough to discover his gifts from the very beginning. What a devastating effect would this terrible fear have on such a person!!! He would struggle like hell every single day to prove himself, to get some attention, to achieve success …. And he will be doomed because he has no chances facing the fierce competition.

The jungle rules are still applicable! The stronger will survive! The only thing that has changed is that now we are not talking about just physical strength – we are talking about spirit, mental strength, intelligence, ability to solve problems …

Two Ways to Die

To deal with fear of death could be easier if you realize that there are two ways to die.

The first one unfortunately happens more often - it consists of physical exhaustion, depletion of all resources our physical body has been granted at the begining of life.

The second one is just a switching to a different mode of existence. There is a theory stating that throughout life human energy constantly changes in terms of quality. At a certain stage the quality of the human being is a state which is sufficient to change its mode of existence.

According to this theory life does not end with death - it continues in another form.

The Actual Steps

So the first step in our way to deal with fear of death will have much to do with overcoming the ego.

Every human has his own ego at a certain extent. The goal is to keep it under control. Unfortunately this goal turns to be not so easy to achieve. In 99% of the cases the overriding driving force for humans is satisfying the ego whims.

Overcoming the ego depends on one single fact:


This statement goes much deeper than realizing that there are other humans around who are affected by your actions. This is obvious and hard to be challenged.

To overcome your ego you have to realize and accept deep inside that you are particle of the universe, which has come on this planet following the general laws of live and you are going to go back to the universe exactly where you have come from. Do your best in anything you undertake or you have been asked to do and don’t worry about the outcomes – they will be perfect once you don’t block your real nature.

We usually block our real nature and can not discover the gifts granted to us by overriding the general laws of life. Those are the laws ruling the transformation and development of any living and non-living matter, which objectively exist but are not studied at school or at university. Those are the laws, which anyone of us has to learn through his own experience.

Knowing and following those laws results in a life much more calm and easy than before, which is the base to deal with fears. The knowledge by itself doesn’t give you the power to change the environment in a way to suit your wishes. No! The real reason is that by knowing and following the laws you will be able to understand deeper the environment, which will let you limit the effects your basic fears have on you. This will raise you stronger and stronger and finally will let you win the battles live throws on your way.

Follow this link if you want to learn more about the 3 SIMPLE STEPS MANAGING STRESS STRATEGY granting basic compliance with the general laws of life, which we need in order to deal with fears.

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