Do we really have to deal with stress completely?

how to relieve stress

To deal with stress or not is a tricky question and its answer is: “It depends!”

It depends on the stress levels we usually experience.

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We are used to quite high levels of stress and most of us are tuned against it considering that dealing with this strange state of human mind is an ultimate need.

The truth is that sometimes certain doses of stress are even beneficial - during exams or at work for instance. We need it to mobilize and deliver the best of what we are able to.

The Causes of Stress are Unbeatable

Another truth is that we can not avoid stress completely. There will always be some hurdles we will have to overcome, some worries to think about …

This happens because the basic causes of stress can not be eliminated completely. Originally stress is caused by fears and fears stem from the way we perceive and react to changes.

Since it is hard to disagree with the fact that the only constant in this world is change, it follows that it is objectively impossible to get rid of stress completely. Not experiencing stress at all, would mean that we are dead. The only thing we can do is to learn how to adjust effectively to the changes which constantly happen around us.

Can you imagine what a life without stress at all would look like? Such a life involves no fun, no pleasure, no pain, no sadness ... no emotions at all! I think nobody would choose this option neither...

An Optimization Problem

So the question is not really how to deal with stress completely but how to bear the optimal stress levels in our lives. It is about effective stress management.

Effective stress management has one basic goal: to find out how to set up the basic activities we do in our day to day life in a way which guarantees minimal negative effects experienced as a result of stress.

So the bottom line is that dealing with stress means finding a solution of an optimization problem. Unfortunately no measure has been invented yet to quantify human emotions and the impact of stress over human health is hard to be measured.

The good news is that a solution to optimally deal with stress exists. It is just about tight discipline and self control on a daily basis - very basic but most of us do not think about it and let stress accumulate.


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