Flu Stress

Flu stress is the stress which causes flu or the stress caused by influenza.

Let's start by the more interesting question which is if stress can really cause flu.

Can Stress Cause Flu?

Definitely yes!

Basically stress is not the actual reason. The bloody creatures which make you suffer are the viruses but the tricky point is that stress let them take advantage of your weakness.

What kind of weakness am I talking about? I am talking about your weakened immune system as a result of stress which can not deal with the bloody viruses.

The Mechanism Explained

When we are under stress our body initiates the so called flight or fight response. This means that we either have to run or fight in order to survive or to solve a problem.

The key point here is that when we are under stress our body secrets specific hormones with the only purpose to deliver energy with high priority to the processes supporting the fight or flight response. Imagine, if somebody has pointed a gun to your head and you have a choice between having a diner and hitting the guy. What would you do? Of course you will hit the guy, but to do this you need to lift your hand which requires an energy flow to your hand and not to your stomach.

Since the available amount of energy in our body is fairly constant, when we are in a stressful situation our body does not have a choice and has to reallocate our limited energy resources between the processes which happen at that moment.

Basically while being under stress your body automatically suppresses all vital processes and shifts all your energy and blood to the muscles and bones where they will be needed in order to ensure protection.

So far so good but unfortunately one of the suppressed vital systems is your immune system which is the system designed to protect you against external attacks from viruses and bacteria. At any moment you can find millions of viruses in your blood. If you will get ill or not depends primarily on the state of your immune system and its ability to deal with the intruders.

You can see now that we all think that the viruses are the root cause of flu but if we look a bit deeper it turns out that they only take advantage of our weakness.

It turns out that stress cause flu.

How to protect us against flu stress?

Steps to Do before Getting the Flu

To reduce flu stress you need to do anything to strengthen your immune system. Big doses of vitamin C are crucial in the battle against flu stress.

I am going to describe three main ways to make the immune system stronger which I am used to:

  • Lemons

    Lemons are a great source of vitamin C. Eat them whenever possible! They can really help you against flu stress.

    I am enjoying the taste of lemons and feel quite good even after eating a lot of them. I have never understood all my friends and colleagues who when ordering a salad specifically make a comment to not have lemon or even when the waiter brings it to them they avoid to take it. Actually I think they are one of the reasons for my good health because when they do not want to eat the lemon, they give it to me!

  • Honey

    Honey is a pure and immediate source of energy. If you have a spoon of honey your body will absorb it in less than 15 min!

    In addition honey has an extremely beneficial effect over your immune system. It dramatically increases the erythrocytes efficiency and helps you fight the viruses without even paying attention to it.

    I try to have at least one big spoon of honey every single day! I simply put it in a cup of water and leave it to dissolve. Afterwards just drink the water. I prefer this way because eating the honey direct is too sweet.

    An important point to make is that it is better to drink the honey water just before eating and allow at about 15 minutes. This way the honey will go direct to your blood in just seconds for maximum effect!

  • Lemons with Honey

    Even better! Instead of taking the too sore lemons and the too sweet honey why don’t you just mix them and take advantage of both of them?

    Throw away the peel of one lemon cut the rest on pieces and mix it with as much honey you would love to eat! This is a perfect recipe to strengthen our immune system.

  • Garlic

    Stinky but extremely powerful against flu stress!

    Garlic is notorious with its antibiotic properties. They have been extensively examined since the early eighteen century when Louis Pasteur demonstrated how garlic can kill bacteria.

    Recent studies also confirm the effectiveness of garlic as a broad spectrum antibiotic. Compared to other antibiotics, garlic is less effective. However, it is a natural product which is absorbable by your body with no side effects at all!!!

    It is a thousand times better having garlic instead of artificially produced antibiotics.

  • Hot Water

    Put your legs and arms in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. This is an effective way to get warmed fast after you have spent long time in the cold.

    Take a basin and fill it with warm water until the quantity in it is enough to cover your anklebones. The basin should be as wide as your legs can fit in easily. The water should be as warm as you can stand. This means it should be at the limit between hot and warm.

    Put in the basin a handful of sea salt crystals and slowly start dip your legs into the basin. At the beginning you will feel it too hot because usually your legs are cold, especially if have spent long time in the cold outside. However after the fourth or fifth dip you will be able to keep them in. Once you have your legs in the basin, bend forward and put your arms in it as well.

    This technique affects the whole body because we have many biologically active points on both our palms and feet. By stimulating them with the crystals and the hot water you provide your body a refreshing bioenergetics massage.

Steps to Do after Getting the Flu

The tips against flu stress described above are still applicable. Having lemons, honey or garlic once you have the flu will help you fight the viruses and restore faster.

Please pay attention to the fact that when it comes to simple flu the only thing you need is to make up your immune system and let your body fight the illness.

  • Aspirin

    Aspirin or also known as Acetylsalicylic acid may be particularly useful in situations when you already have flu causing pains all over the body and fever.

    The active ingredient’s action of Aspirin has been well known since ancient times by the Indians of South and North America. They discovered that in case of fever chewing of white willow tree bark has a relieving effect.

    In 1893 this active ingredient, the Acetylsalicylic acid, was synthesized and we do not have to chew or boil bark anymore.

    Please note that the consumption of Aspirin may have serious side effects depending on your current health condition. Please consult your doctor before proceeding.

  • Antibiotics

    Try to limit consumption of medications to Aspirin.

    Its active ingredient exists in nature and its synthesis is done to provide us with the exact quantities with the necessary quality at the exact moment. Can you imagine looking for a white willow tree especially when you have fever?!?

    All antibiotics have a detrimental effect on your immune system because they fight the intruder instead of helping you in this task. The result is that instead of strengthening your immune system, antibiotics make it lazy. Next time when you have health issue your immune system will say: Why should I carry about this!?! The guy will have an antibiotic.

  • Water

    Once you have the flu you have to drink enormous quantities of water. This will help your body get rid of the viruses through you skin (by sweating) and through your excretory system.

    The minimum quantity is three liters a day. Even though you feel you can not drink anymore you have to force yourself. Your body fights at this moment and you have to help it!

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