Funny Equations

These equations were circulating the net as spam some time ago but I found them funny and decided to share. They will let us conclude on very important basic postulates of life. Read carefully and follow the logic.

Equation 1
Human = Eating + Sleeping + Working + Having Fun
Donkey = Eating + Sleeping
Human = Donkey + Working + Having Fun
Human - Having Fun = Donkey + Working
A human who does not have fun is a donkey that works hard.

Male = Eating + Sleeping + Making Money
Donkey = Eating + Sleeping
Male = Donkey + Making Money
Male - Making Money = Donkey
A male who does not make money is a donkey

Female = Eating + Sleeping + Spending Money
Donkey = Eating + Sleeping
Female = Donkey + Spending Money
Female - Spending Money = Donkey
A female who does not spend money is a donkey

Overall conclusions
A male who does not make money is a female who does not spend money
Postulate 1: The male makes money in order to not let the female become a donkey
Postulate 2: The female spends money to not let the male become a donkey
Male + Female = Donkey + Making Money + Donkey + Spending Money
Male + Female = 2 Donkeys that live together and complement each other

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