My physical, instinctual, emotional and intellectual realms are contradictory and cause conflicts. Even as I keep discussing, reading and experimenting; they keep multiplying and deepened; instead of getting resolved.

I keep on vacillating between physical pleasures and renunciation, atheism and theism, violence and nonviolence, glamour and austerity, regionalism and internationalism, fear and bravery, followership and leadership and so on!

Fears of dejection, humiliation, and defamation, loss of the loved ones, illness, death and old age seem to make me miserable; even as I try to think and act globally and holistically.

Gita is a divine mother. She soothes, heals, inspires, nurtures and empowers all my faculties towards individual and global blossoming. She propels me into the eternal life, in which the deaths and births are contingents!

How does she do this?

She teaches through the arguments, which tear off subjective paradigms, including those of life and death; and enables me to transcend from my limited and mortal physical existence; to my cosmic reality, see my cosmic and unfathomable nature.

Since it is difficult to be (or even remain focused on) this SELF; she teaches me the ways; together called SWADHARMA; which help in this. Since SWADHARMA culminates in self realization, which is beyond words, space and time; it is beyond tangible, specific and demonstrable results. Naturally; Gita teaches us to NOT follow the results!

Gita teaches us that every profession, business, research, service, education, sports and art; be evolved into SWADHARMA (Holistic Health or SUPERLIVING); by connecting (YOGA) ourselves with our true SELF viz. cosmic consciousness.

One of the best ways connecting this way; is NAMASMARAN. It is the simplest way. It is upheld by almost all saints, creeds, traditions, prophets and religions, although with different semantics, methods and techniques.

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