And Lived Happily Ever After ... with iRobot

The iRobot I bought inspired the creation of this page. This is to share with you how I brought peace home

I have to first say that the initial situation home was a state of war when we had to decide who was going to clean the apartment. We tried quite a lot of options including weekly schedules or one time me one time you solutions. It was not working.

Needless to say my wife and I were becoming frustrated and the tension was escalating quite fast. Both of us like tidiness, who does not ha ha ha, but quite often we were not in a position to take a final decision and had to live in a dirty home.

If you think about it cleaning the house can be very demotivating. You can never bring the system to a self maintaining state. Meaning that you always have to clean and it will always become dirty. It always goes this direction. If someone figured out how to make energy out of it we would no longer need nuclear power plants!

Until this happens though there is another solution. It replaces you in a very effective way in the unpleasant cleaning tasks and brings peace home. You will no longer need to make your significant other wiping the floor.

It is called iRobot.

I can tell you I was very reserved at the beginning. I thought that this thing will never be able to clean effectively home. We have carpets, parquet, terracotta and a lot of furniture. First thing I told myself was that the iRobot is rubbish itself and I will never buy it.

Thanks God my wife insisted so much.

Now we leave it cleaning the whole house every two days for us. And it really does. No more quarrels, no more tension on the topic who is going to wipe the floor. The iRobot does this for us. We just have to press a button and it goes in every room, under the armchairs and sofas, automatically detects the patterns of the space it has to cover and does not stop going around cleaning until it is perfectly clean.

Try it, this is a perfect way to reduce stress home. It comes without the cat!

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