Lemons with Honey

by Pavel Stoyanov

Lemons are notorious for the high levels of vitamin C.
The ascorbic acid (which is the official name of Vitamin C)has a key role in the restoration process of the body, which makes it fundamental part of my daily menus.

When I was a child my mother used to mix lemons with sugar just to make me eat the sour lemons when I was ill or was feeling down. This mixture of ascorbic acid and glucose was giving me so much strength at that time!

Frankly the only thing I did not like was the artificial nature of sugar. Thus I started thinking with what I could possibly replace sugar (eating just lemons is quite sour). This way I came up with the idea to mix them with the purely natural honey.

The Recipe Itself

For one person I skin one lemon and cut into small pieces. During the cutting process I take out all seeds. I put in one spoon of honey and stir.

I recommend to eat this meal on an empty stomach. This way the honey will be absorbed in just several minutes and you feel almost immediately the beneficial effect.

However you have to be cautious if your stomach is not healthy enough because the ascorbic acid may irritate it. If you have gastritis or ulcer avoid eating lemons on an empty stomach.

This mixture will challenge your teeth health as well. The high levels of ascorbic acid combined with high glucose levels may make you feel quite uncomfortable if you have caries. Therefore eating lemons with honney turns out to save you money! You don't need to go to the dentist for routine check up any more.

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