Measure Your Stress Levels

Can We Measure Stress?

Without being able to measure your stress levels you can't effectively fight against it. Reliably measuring stress on a daily basis turns out to be a key step to account for your progress.

But how can you measure stress? There is not a commonly used measure for it. It is not heavy or light, it is not toll or short, it is not fast or slow.

The good news is that the tool to measure stress exists. And not only it exists but it has been created to meet exactly your needs.

At the beginning scientists tried to measure stress levels by monitoring brain waves. This required expensive equipment, proved difficult to master and was not practical to use at home. Stress could only be measured in a lab environment.

Recent studies showed that the heart instead of the brain has a far greater influence over the body’s ability to process stress just because it is the dominant rhythm generator of your body. This was a major breakthrough regarding stress measurement because measuring the changes in your heart is extremely easy.

HeartMath discovered a way to measure heart rate and thus measure the body’s reaction to stress. The device called the emWave tracks the beat to beat change and the heart rhythm over time thus capturing the variance of the rise and fall of your heart rate.

The emWave system empowers users to find synergy in their heart in an effort to control their reaction to stress.

The State of Coherence

The goal of the emWave system is to not only allow us to identify when we are feeling stressed but also to diminish the damaging effects of stress. The system does not miraculously affect you; it just helps you to identify a specific state called the state of emotional coherence. Watch this video to learn more about the state of coherence.

Basically the state of emotional coherence is the state of mind and body in which all systems are harmonious. This means that this is the best power saving mode for your body and mind; the state of coherence is the best state for restoration from stress.

Knowing when you are in a state of coherence and how to bring your mind and body in a state of coherence is a corner stone to manage stress. emWave is a unique tool which is designed to identify your coherence levels. It really works and so many people already love it all over the world! Try it for yourself, it is risk free!

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