Positive Attitude Saves Lives

How can positive attitude save life?

Here I am glad to present to you two stories which were circulating the net as spam some time ago. I find them funny and in the same time instructive and hope you will enjoy them.

The Two Kings

Once upon a time there was a kingdom ruled by two kings - two brothers. One of the brothers was a person with positive attitude and kept repeating that any evil comes for a good and even bad things happen to allow good ones to come. Because of those sayings he was having constantly quarrels with his brother.

One day the two brothers went hunting with their suite. During the hunt a lion attacked the negative brother and before the king was helped by the others the lion had bitten off two of his fingers.

Then the wounded brother said: So what are you going to say now? What is the good of this?!?? The other turned and replied: Nothing is as bad as it seems! There is a reason for this to happen and it definitely happens for the good!

Then the wounded brother got angry and said: Do you want me to put you in prison and to see what will be the good of it? The other one replied: Even if you did it I would still believe it is for the good!

Then the wounded brother ordered to put his brother into prison.

In a month the negative brother went again hunting with his suite. It turned out that cannibals caught all of them. The chieftain didn’t know who he had just caught but saw that the king was missing two of his fingers and denied anybody to eat him thinking he was seriously ill. Thus all the suite was eaten but the king was luckily let go home.

When he got home the first thing he did was to release his brother from prison.

Then he said: You were right, my brother. Because of my missing two fingers I am now alive. The other replied: I new there would be a good reason for the lion to bite off your fingers. I am really glad you are alive, my brother.

The negative king asked then: And what was the good for you staying in prison for a month? The positive one replied: If I had not been in prison I would have come to hunt with you and I would have been eaten by the cannibals because I have all my fingers.


Jerry is a manager in a restaurant. He has always had a positive attitude towards life. Always when somebody asks him: How is it going? he replies: It can't be better.

Many of the employees left when he left the restaurant because he was able to motivate people. Always when any of his colleagues had a bad day, Jerry was next to him trying to find out the positive side of the situation.

I noticed this and became curious. I went to him and asked him: Hi Jerry, how do you succeed to always have your positive attitude? Nobody can stand being positive all the day!!!?

Jerry just smiled and told me: Every morning I wake up and say to myself hi man, today you have two choices: negative or positive attitude. I always pick up the positive option.

Every time something bad happens I say to myself you have two choices, buddy: to be a victim or to learn from the facts. I always choose to learn.

Every time someone comes to me and starts complaining, I have two choices to just listen to the complaints or to try point out the positive side of the situation. I always choose the positive side.

But this is not so easy, I replied
Just the contrary! It is easy said Jerry. Everything in our lives is about making the right choice. You decide how you are going to react in a situation. You decide how and if the people around you will affect your mood. You decide to have negative or positive attitude. You decide how to live your life.

Some years after I heard that Jerry had done something unacceptable in his work. He had left open the back door of the restaurant; several armed guys entered and rubbed the restaurant. While trying to open the safe Jerry had his hands trembling and could not find the correct combination; one of the rubbers got panic and shot him.

Luckily Jerry was taken to hospital on time and restored after a serious surgery.

I saw him six months after the story.
How are you, Jerry I asked him.
It can't be better, man! Do you want to see the scars?

I declined but asked him about his thoughts during the robbery.
First thing I had in my head was that I had had to lock the back door. After I got shot I thought that I have two choices, to live or to die. I picked the to live option

Weren't you scared? I asked him.
The doctors were fantastic. They kept repeating that everything will be OK. But when they took me into the ambulance and when I saw their faces I got scared. I read in their eyes: He is a dead man. There was a nurse who was constantly speaking to me to keep me conscious. She asked me if I had any allergies. I replied: Yes against bullets. Everybody laughed. Then I told them: I choose to live. Please treat me as a living human - not as a dead man.

Jerry remained alive because of the good doctors but also because of his steady optimism. I learned from him that every day you have two choices to enjoy live or to hate it. The only thing which is yours and nobody can take it is your mood. If you paid attention to keep a positive attitude towards what happens, everything in life would be much easier.

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