Qigong as a Method of Healing

In Chinese Qigong means "working with qi".

It is interesting that while western people still wonder if something real exists behind the concept of qi, in China masters have discovered and perfected a method of treatment, based primarily on the higher skill in managing and controlling internal human bioenergy.

In this interview, Dr. Jian explains some basic ideas and makes an amazing demonstration.

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Key Highlights

The principle of qigong as a healing method is to positively affect the human body by "injecting" energy from doctor to patient.

As a result the doctor achieves a balanced state of yin and yang in the patient and qualitatively changes unhealthy structures formed in his body.

This method is very fast and efficient and after a few sessions, the problem can be completely solved.

Traditional Chinese medicine also has such a purpose, but the healing process requires a lot of time to cure completely.

We also use the methods of traditional Chinese medicine, but we have perfected them in our own way , which allows us to be more effective and useful.

Very few diseases cannot be positively affected by qigong. Energy for all diseases is the same.

Qigong therapy has a limit in the treatment of stroke. The disease can be overcome successfully if the neural tissues of the patient are not affected.

The success rate of Qigong treatments is pretty high.

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