You Are a Gifted Person

The creative nature is inherent to everybody. Everybody has a gift which by its nature transforms him to a valuable contributor.

The problem is that not everybody can discover it; we focus on not so important details of the imposed by society model and often remain blind for our most valuable gifts.

If you are ignorant about your gifts you struggle more even for the simplest goals resulting in unnecessary tension, feeling stressed, depressed …

The key is to discover your gift and live with it. Discovering your gift will make you able dealing much easier with challenges of life; life itself will turn out to be interesting and exciting, instead of boring and stressful.

Why do We Usually Fail

Many of us are tempted to accuse other people or destiny for their failures. It is just easier like this.

However the real reason is somewhere else and is really simple. You usually fail because you and nobody else restrain your potential.

Some of us work from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. giving no chance at all to replace even for a second the model set up first by our parents, afterwards by our teachers at school and finally by our professors at the University.

We usually fail because we try to compete in an area where we do not have the potential for being winners. Yes, with better planning and preparation we can improve the results. However there will always be someone better just because he is gifted and you are not.

It is better to find out your gift!

Why is it so difficult to find your gifts

The answer is simple: Because you have been raised to not look for them. Parents, teachers, professors have let their mark on your behavior and have blended in your mind the models you constantly reproduce.

However most often it turns out that what you do is so far away from what you could do best.

Of course this is not the case for everybody. Some guys are leaders by nature and easily find the ways out of any situation. But for the majority of us from the very first breath on this planet our attention has been focused on everything else but what we can do best. Even sometimes our own parents do not let us try something new just because they are afraid…

Your gifts usually are just in front of your eyes.

However you do not see them. You do not even look at them because they are too close. They are part of your soul, untouched but covered so deep…

How to Discover Your Gift?

how to relief stress

The key is that first you have to recognize you are gifted.

Give it a chance and it will manifest. The gift is given to you! It does not depend on any of your actions. The only thing you have to do is to not restrain it. It sleeps somewhere deep in you and just waits to be awaken.

Actually it is about creating a sincere request. Use a statement to formulate a clear request for your gift being revealed. Look deep inside your soul. What do you like doing? What do you make happen just like this; with no efforts at all?

I guarantee: if you are open to see it, you will not wait too long.
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Success as a Driving Force

Success is a powerful source of personal strength.

Unfortunately most of us have an inclination to focus only on the failures.

“I could do this better! This was stupid and wrong!!!! Why did I do that?” Do those thoughts look familiar to you?

Don’t ever dare to do it anymore! This is a fatal mistake. This way you kill the CREATOR in you.

Even though those thoughts may not be true at all and most often do not have a sound basis, they may have a powerful self-convincing effect and just by repetition may result in states such as depression. Conversely if you stop thinking this way you can get rid of depression practically with no drugs and additional efforts.

Moreover there is no adding value in just accusing yourself; this way the only result you get is killing the Creator in you; you throw away all tools you have been gifted in order to be a successful and recognized member of society.

Focus on what you do best! There is not a perfect person on this world – everybody does mistakes.

The guys, who succeed though, pay attention to how they can be useful and what they can do best; and strive to do more of it!

The Wrong Option is Impossible

Whatever you do and whatever the outcome is, CALL IT SUCCESS! It can not be wrong! Keep in mind: You are a gifted person! This is the reason why the “wrong” option is impossible.

When qualifying something as failure we always are based on our personal perception and judgment about the facts. However, we can not escape from the objective limits of our human mind. You are not in a position to appraise objectively all reasons for and all effects from your actions.

The key here is to discover your gift; to ALWAYS do what you consider as interesting and inspiring for you giving your best while doing it. The result will come. It ALWAYS comes! It is inevitable!

So please don’t even dare to qualify any of your actions as failures! You have a creative nature! Name everything you do SUCCESS and smile!

This is a magic managing stress recipe!

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