Relieve Stress Caused by Anger

by Vishal P. Rao

It is a two way street when it comes to anger and stress. Anger is a cause as well as an effect of stress. It is no use trying to find answers to which comes first - anger or stress since specific cases may be different. What is important is to understand that controlling anger is essential to reduce the levels of stress in the body.

While you may not be able to identify all causes of stress in your life, you can at least learn to control your reactions to them.

People tend to get angry when their emotions get out of control. This is a spontaneous response to stress as you release negative energy through an angry outburst. Before you realize, the harm has already been done. The guilt and embarrassment of an angry outburst lasts much longer than the original issue, which instead of relieving stress adds more stress.

Anger management comes naturally to some but to many it may not be as easy. It is time that you wake up to the dangers of anger, the stress it is liable to cause and learn some anger management skills.

- Do not allow yourself to get to the point of explosion. Control your reaction to a situation that might anger you. Ponder for a moment and ask yourself, ‘does this really matter to me?’ Nine time out of ten you the answer will be no.

- Consider what action has really made you angry. Many times it is something as simple as someone jumping the queue at the check out counter that makes you react angrily. Will a couple of minutes really make a difference to you? Can you not simply ask the person politely to get back in the line saying that you are in hurry?

- Consider whether the person did that on purpose. You will realize that many people do certain things simply out of carelessness with no intention to harm you. Have you not done the same thing yourself at some time or another? Do you get angry at yourself when you do so?

- Count till ten, even fifty, before you react. This may not control your anger but it will definitely reduce the damage you are liable to cause.

- Try deep breathing, close your eyes or imagine a relaxing experience as if you are taking your mind on a stress free vacation.

- Try smiling at people who offend you. It is known that a smile triggers senses in the brain that are related to happiness. Smiling at the offender can actually make you feel more tolerant.

Anger is one of the biggest impediments to personal career and success in life. Anger can never coexist with happiness. It results in battered relationships, makes you lose business and hampers your cognitive abilities. When anger engulfs you, you not only make mistakes but you are prone to even harm others and yourself.

Do not let anger take control. Rather look deep inside you, analyze the cause of your anger and let go. Taking control of your life and living stress free is far more important.

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