Relieve Stress Caused by Traveling

by Vishal P. Rao

For some traveling and going for a vacation is one of the ways to relieve stress. It creates a distraction from the regular worries of daily life. However, traveling by itself is also a cause of stress, especially for those who need to travel frequently for work. The long wait at airports, airport security and other factors can make traveling a stressful experience. And if you are traveling with kids, the stress levels can really be high.

Avoiding travel related stress, with or without children, is basically about planning ahead of time and anticipating the problems. Regardless of whether you are traveling for a vacation or for business, traveling can be a pleasurable experience if you take some steps before and during travel.

- Planning ahead will save you a lot of bother. This applies to planning for the departure as well as your arrival at the destination. Before you leave, check with the airline’s website for delay in departure timings to avoid a long wait at the airport. Also check for the latest security measures and be prepared for them. Make reservations for a taxi to receive you on arrival and also a hotel.

- Make a list of things that you will need and pack a night before you are to leave. That will avoid last minute rush and also give you an opportunity to remember things that you might have missed packing.

- Dress comfortably. You may be traveling by air but you will have to do a lot of walking also. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes. Wear layers of clothes if you are traveling to a colder place. Keep warm clothing handy if you are traveling to colder place.

- Take a book along for reading. Reading reduces stress caused by long waits if you happen to arrive early. If you get overwhelmed by the wait, try some quick stress relievers like deep breathing.

- If you are traveling with kids, the following tips will help in taking stress out of your vacation.

* Allow more time that what you think you may need. With children around you will need more time for security checks, finding gates and handling unexpected events.
* Prepare the kids in advance so that they know what to expect. Young children are usually wary of the unexpected and get upset very easily.
* If it is a long flight bring along some toys that children can play with - a coloring book, a favorite doll. Better still, allow the children to pack their own toys but do that under you supervision so that they do not bring along any noisy stuff.
* Give children a sense of control by allowing them to explore the airport terminal before flight but make sure that you are close by. This will ensure that they do not fuss about things you would not want to allow them.

Vishal P. Rao has done extensive research on stress management and provides authentic tips, techniques and resources to manage stress.

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