Relieve Stress in a Crowded Bus

by Pavel

Nobody argues that a crowded bus is not the best place where you can effectively relax. Feeling smashed like a pilchard especially after a tough day at work is the last thing I would like to experience for the day.

However most of us have to go through this either because we want to avoid traffic jams (by using the metro) or just because we want to avoid the stress of driving through the jams.

I have been using the public transport for quite long and have come to conclusions how to minimize the stress while being in a crowed bus and I would like to share them with you.

First of all try to get into the bus as early as possible. This means that if you can choose at which station to get on the bus, choose the one which is closer to the beginning of the bus' route.

This way you will have better chances to sit. Sitting in the bus is not something you should underestimate. The reason why is the stress caused by the movement of the bus. Every time the driver accelerates you have to balance in order to avoid falling. Every time the driver presses the break, again you have to balance. This balancing can be exhausting especially at the end of a difficult day.

In addition while being sat nobody will be able to physically press you.

If you can not sit, you will have to balance. Always try to grab a handle. Otherwise it is really dangerous. The good news is that balancing can be beneficial for you if you do it the right way. The right way of doing it is to try keeping your backbone straight. Whenever you feel that you will fall try to let your hips going forward (in case of break) and backwards (in case of acceleration).

The best way to relieve stress in a crowded bus is to just ignore the situation in the bus. Just think about something completely different and let the bus reach your station. Usually when I go back home I am desperately hungry. Thus I start thinking of what I will eat, what I have to buy etc ...

If this does not help you can just smile. Irrelevant if you feel like smiling or not. Just force yourself to smile. It is much better than just frowning and indifferently staring at the face just in front of you.

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