Sax Meditations for Stress Relief

Music is a magic we can hardly explain.

The harmonies change one after another and let us communicate via speechless, intercultural language impacting the very inner side of us. Sometimes the effects are vivid and pure to an extend that we can tell the maestro builds our emotional balance from scratch.

Normally stress is the perfect enemy to our emotional balance. It distorts it completely on a daily basis and we need to put in place techniques to restore it effectively. Since music has such a dramatic impact on the very inner of us, it can turn out to be the perfect stress reducer.

Which kind of Music?

You would ask

Which is the most impactful type of music?

We are all so different! And this is why we see the world around in different ways. And this is why we like different things. It works the same way with music. We have the different styles and each of us depending on his character likes them differently. A better question would be

Which is the most impactful type of music in terms of stress relief?

To answer this one now we have to see how stress impacts us and I can tell you the effects of stress are numerous. Still, most often people tend to react on pressure with pressure. Some show it by being angry; others just accumulate the tensions inside. We can argue a lot which is worse. I can tell that both are bad for people’s health. Continuing the logical sequence of thoughts now we have to find out the music which helps us relieve the tensions caused by stress. I have been searching for quite long and some days ago I came across …

Walter Beasley

I can tell his music is impactful!

You have to listen to it for yourself. My language is quite poor to describe the full spectrum of effects I experienced. The bottom line is that it worked. And since it worked for me it would work for you as well.

What happened? I had a very busy day. As always I had to deal with tons of information, communicate it to the right persons in a correct way to make everybody happy. In short a big chunk of the impossible tasks I have to deal with on a daily basis. I came back home and I checked my mail. I had a message from Amy, a lady who claimed she was the personal assistant of Walter Beasley. She was asking if I was interested in his new apps. I had never heard of Walter before; I had a terrible headache and I just wanted to shut down my computer. But I did not…

What I did was to go to youtube and listen to Solace from Sax Meditations iphone app. Why exactly Solace? It was the first to pop up as a result of my search. It did worth the effort. I just closed my eyes and tried to relax as I normally do. But this time the effect of my relaxation was amplified by times, wow … Try it for yourself and you will see.

Sax Meditations is a CD with 12 relaxing and peaceful songs. The playing of Walter Beasley stands out and most importantly it really helps you relax. As he says:

"There has never been a project in which I have been involved that has given me so much satisfaction and comfort. My intent was to make a project that from start to finish reduces stress and stimulates imagination"

It is already part of my daily stress relieving program and I highly recommend it to you too.

Walter Beasley's Sax Meditations is also offered as an app. While traveling on tour, Walter captured many beautiful photos which are synched to his music in the app. Walter states,

"Whether on a work break or winding down after a stressful day, I hope this app gives you the peace of mind and spirit you deserve."

Download his Sax Meditations app at iTunes.

Learn more about Walter Beasley and all of his albums on

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