The Secret of Youth

Since ancient times mankind has tried to find the secret of youth. Today, genetic engineering in a loud voice announces its achievements regarding the topic.

Science does not stand in one place. But you need not reinvent what our ancestors have been discovered long time ago, do you?

In 1971 UNESCO staff visiting the ruins of an ancient monastery discovered clay tablets with a unique prescription for rejuvenation. The amazing part is that the ingredients of this miraculous prescription are known to everybody; however the rejuvenating effect is due to the predetermined sequence of actions.

The Secret of Youth

300 grams of garlic is washed and cleaned, cut in fine and smashed with a wooden spoon. You should weigh 200g of this substance, taking from the bottom where there is more juice. You should place it in a glass vessel and pour it on with 200 grams alcohol. Close it tightly. The substance should be kept in a dark and cool place for 10 days.

The mixture should be percolated through several layers of gauze, and left to mature for 2-3 more days. The infusion should be drunk with cold milk (50g on admission) three times a day 20 minutes before meals in a special scheme.

The Secret Scheme of Intake
1 day 1 drop 2 drops 3 drops
2 day 4 drops 5 drops 6 drops
3 day 7 drops 8 drops 9 drops
4 day 10 drops 11 drops 12 drops
5 day 13 drops 14 drops 15 drops
6 day 15 drops 14 drops 13 drops
7 day 12 drops 11 drops 10 drops
8 day 9 drops 8 drops 7 drops
9 day 6 drops 5 drops 4 drops
10 day 3 drops 2 drops 1 drop

From the eleventh day on drink 25 drops with milk 3 times daily before meals, until you drink the whole quantity. Such a course should be repeated after at least 5 years.

Modern doctors interpret the effect of the infusion in the following way - it clears the body fats and calcium deposits, improves overall metabolism, increases elasticity of blood vessels, improves vision.

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