by dr.shriniwas kashalikar & dr.suhas mhetre

How do you know that you have stress and you have not been able to manage it? Does it require the gross damage to your body? Does it require abnormality of parameters like blood sugar, blood pressure, acidity of your stomach and brand you to be a patient of diabetes, hypertension or hyperacidity respectively?


Some small aspects of your behavior can tell you that you not managing your stress properly and causing harm to yourself and others.

Suppose you ask probing and insulting questions about research work about which you do not understand anything; during an interview to a senior colleague from different background! You do not bother; even to take a look and/or understand the nature of work! You think you are a winner by humiliating your colleague!

Please understand that such arrogance, dishonesty and sadistic behavior result from mismanagement of stress; which harms you and others!

Actually you tend to ignore every signal of stress of this kind by thinking it to be “normal”! So the best way is to start stress management by at least beginning to practice NAMASMARAN without defining and waiting for any stress signal!

Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

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