Smile against stress – let the smile be your response to stress

There is so much strength in positive attitude!!!

If you have already lost your positive attitude, you need to do all your best to bring it back.

Having a positive attitude is your request for positive things happening to yourself. If you don’t have a positive attitude, you deny access to anything that would contribute to your happiness happening to you. It is as simple as this!

How to bring back your positive attitude? Where has it gone? How to find it?

Your positive attitude is not lost forever – it has just been transformed to what you currently feel. The only thing you have to do is to try transforming it back to a constructive positivism.

How to do it in practice?

In any situation, you have always only two choices: to smile or not; put another way: to live or die.

To live or die is a bit of an exaggeration but reflects exactly what I want to say. It is about to choose being an active part of the world around you and contribute to the happiness of this life or let yourself being defeated.

I see so many people walking around who are already dead!!! And this is not because I have a special gift to see the paranormal. This is because the choice they have already done is depicted on their faces - to passively wait until death comes for them.

And by making this choice they have already predetermined their destiny – to be losers. Can somebody tell me now: “How can such a person have a positive attitude? How can he be generally smiling and disseminating boon?”…

Put it like you want but the choice you make is extremely important!!! I would even say fundamental for any event that occurs in your life. This is the way you determine your attitude towards the world around you, which inevitably determines the attitude of the world towards yourself. Find out two instances where positive attitude has saved lives

managing stress

So pick up the smile option!!! Use your smile against stress as the strongest weapon you have; Manifest your positive attitude towards the world; manifest your will to contribute to its wealth and prosperity.

Make it the ultimate purpose of your life and you will see how wealth and prosperity will pour on you.

Why is it so hard?

I know this one is hard! Especially when it is about being persistent in doing it – oh, how well I know that!!! But have you ever thought why this is so hard? Let’s have a look at the two basic reasons. Maybe it will be easier to overcome it if we know where it stems from.

  1. Because nobody around smiles at you. Every single human around you has his own problems to think about and does not care about the people next to him. There is nobody who wants to “contaminate” you with happiness. Just ignore those guys! Do not pay a single bit of attention to them!
  2. Because you have been taught not to smile. Having some worries to think about is the imposed by society “normal” state of human mind. And you unconsciously follow the mass.

Force and Smile against Stress

However I know something else as well. And this is the fact that a simple smile can turn upside down the whole model. Have you noticed what a tremendous positive effect a smiling person met on the street or at the airport has on you?

When I was at the university one of my professors kept telling us: “What is inside, the same is outside”. He meant that the mind set of a human determines his general appearance: his pace, his face. Specifically, if a person was happy, he would definitely smile.

I would go a step further and would tell you: Why don’t you try the same relation vise versa? What is outside, the same will be inside! Why don’t you try just to smile against stress and to see if this effort will transform into a general perception of happiness?

Managing Stress by a Simple Smile is
The Best Response to Stress Ever

Perceive your smile as the response you give to any event, any fact that makes you feel depressed. I guarantee that by just forcing yourself to smile, you will be able to transform all the negativism associated with stress and depression to a positive and healthy attitude. This kind of attitude will make you stronger and will eventually help you in managing stress. Please follow this link to see an independent confirmation of this fact.

Every time you smile against stress instead of scrawling or frowning consider yourself a winner; a winner over a small fight with stress.

But I have to warn you: it is not enough just to change the shape of your mouth and pretend smiling. You need your sincere intention to become a positive person; a person helping the others and being helped

Just break the chains and smile against stress! Contaminate everybody next to you with your beautiful and healthy smile and you will see how wonders will start happen. Managing stress is just about smiling...

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