by dr.shriniwas kashalikar & dr.suhas mhetre

Aging is usually associated with dwindling of efficiency of all the body systems and organs. It is associated with debility, dependence, disease, despondence, despair, decreased income, and dejection; which are frightening and stressful!

This stress; to some extent; is also because; all this scenario of aging appears almost unavoidable and insurmountable; to many of us bordering the 40s, 50s and 60s. This is especially true for those of us, who have not yet accomplished their dreams and aspirations (in their own eyes). This feeling of “much to be achieved and time running out” is stressful.

The guides in print and electronic media on fitness, home remedies, diet, exercise, yogasanas, entertainment, hobbies and charitable activities are in plenty. The guidance in all these is valuable and helps many of us in overcoming stress during aging.

Thus many of us try to improve health, avoid disease, preserve independence, develop fitness, enhance performance, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, physical form, looks etc. and also engage in philanthropy and conquer the stress of aging.
They take regular bath, eat green leafy vegetables and sprouted beans and other nutritionally rich foods, drink cow milk with halad turmeric and sunth dried ginger, practice pranayama and some exercises and yogasanas, joyously entertain themselves and others through their hobbies, do lot of philanthropic work and also practice NAMASMARAN, i.e. remembering the name of God and try to defeat stress!

But having said this in appreciation; we have to introspect and find out why are the efforts (which are required urgently); for a holistic perspective, policies and their implementation; for individual and universal blossoming (including the conquest of stress during aging) are inadequate!

Is it because the holistic perspective, policy making and its implementation have not become the convictions of a huge majority of us?

Why do majority of us tend to think in a sectarian and fragmented manner, especially when they are not criminals, vicious or bad as such?

Is it because the holistic perspective is not being studied, understood, assimilated, promoted and propagated adequately?

Why is this so?

Is this because the holistic perspective is not recognized as the urgent necessity for the basics needs of billions, by most of us?

Do most of us think and feel that holistic perspective, policies, programs, plans and their implementation; appears to be unrelated to the basic needs of life?

What is the reason for such unawareness about even the need of understanding, practice and propagation of holistic perspective, policies, plans, programs and their implementation; and such dearth of motivation amongst apparently intelligent, kind hearted and well meaning senior citizens amongst us?

Is the reason hidden in our ego, our passionate involvement in our subjective self identity, our strong and selective sentiments about our own bodily, emotional, intellectual and other considerations?

Does our ego prevent us from zealously acquiring and sharing the objective wisdom?

Do we tend to remain content or unhappy in our egoistic subjective “achievements” or “failures” respectively?

Are we unable to see the benevolence of objective wisdom, because of undue egoistic apprehension and judgmental attitude; about the “shortcomings or drawbacks” of the proponents of holistic perspective?

Are we are unable to rise above our relationship/s and prejudices, centered on ego?

Do we; more often than not; ridicule and oppose such efforts of sharing objective or holistic wisdom; actively or passively and overtly or covertly; and knowingly or unknowingly; and boost the ego centered sectarian and retrogressive forces? Do we infect the others also; with our cynicism?

Is it true that frequently our ego is associated with; not merely our material success in terms of popularity, power or prosperity; but even our egalitarianism, righteousness and our practice of NAMASMARAN?

Are we unable to penetrate and rise above the “clouds of our ego” and enjoy the “sky of universal unity”?

Is it because we are unable “see” and even strive for the beauty beyond the ego?

Is it because we do not try to realize; the role of holistic and objective wisdom born out of NAMASMARAN; in rejuvenating, revitalizing and reorienting us to our true self? Can we not appreciate the role of realization of true self and its expression for individual and global blossoming; the part of which is conquest of stress during aging?

These introspective exercises bring us to the reiteration, practice and sharing of NAMASMARAN for conquering stress of aging; as steadfastly and buoyantly as possible, without ignoring its reflection; the holistic perspective, policies, programs, planning and implementation at individual and global levels in everyday life!

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