by dr.shriniwas kashalikar & dr.suhas mhetre

After decades of thinking and working; I have begun to realize that the Total Stress Management; has certain very important merits as mentioned below.

The gurus (called, mauli (mother), have been our saviors in true sense; doing much more than Total Stress Management; by feeding the divine sap of NAMASMARAN (remembrance and reorientation to one’s true self); to generations after generations for millennia.

Total Stress Management is practicable for maximum people, except perhaps; the extreme cases; such as embryos, newborn, comatose, sleeping, mentally challenged or individuals with seriously debilitating and/or painful disorders. But in any case; it is; directly or indirectly; beneficial to the whole universe.

It does not have any undesirable side effects.

It is not painful or discomforting.

It is never a nuisance to others, including those; who belong to other religions, faiths or ideologies etc.

It does not involve intellectual surrender, though in the course of time it demands growing out of subjective rationality into unprejudiced objectivity.

It is not conducive to dependence, parasitism, lethargy, indolence, passivity, inaction and discord in society.

It is natural, like blossoming of a plant; and emanation of the fragrance; and not coercive.

It is conducive to growth and evolution; enhancing dynamic harmony within an individual and within universal life.

In simple words, Total Stress Management is like breast feeding, which plays; “the life building and life blossoming role”; without the baby realizing it! We have the golden opportunity; to study and practice Total Stress Management; and blossom with the billions in the world; primarily through the respective governments, though other agencies might also help!

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