by dr.shriniwas kashalikar & dr.suhas mhetre

Way back; when I used to read about the achievements of many illustrious and dedicated philanthropists; I used feel tremendous respect on the one hand and tremendous despair (stress) on the other, because of the lack of holistic perspective limiting their role; in the world politics for individual and global blossoming.

The news on TV showing; significant increase in mental illness (STRESS) due to poverty, unemployment and cut throat competition; endorses my perspective.

My books related to Total Stress Management written about15 to 35 years ago and even my speech during my internship in Miraj; had emphasized the socioeconomic causes of physical and mental illness and are more than validated by this news. My views were then; ridiculed, humiliated, neglected, suppressed and at best; appreciated with mere lip sympathy, wry smile and ice-cold response of zero cooperation.

My views ; more than endorsed by this news and its corollary; insist that we can never succeed in Total Stress Management; without participating in socioeconomic, political and other issues influencing our lives. We may or may not join a political party or an organization, but we have to assert our conscience, enlightenment, objective consciousness i.e. innate core of true self; for successful Total Stress Management; firmly.

All those (so called spiritual leaders and so called stress management professionals and so called yoga teachers); who are trying to advocate “merely personal stress management” and all those (political leaders); who are trying to solve social problems; through their ad hoc, petty and/or callous politics; are bound to fail and perish unless they change radically i.e. become holistic in their approach.

The Maharashtra government (and probably many governments in the world) is adopting alcohol promotion policies which ensure mass suicide or even worse than suicide! We all; if we witness these steps of government passively; then suffer miserably and exponentially; due to the biting of conscience; in passing on this legacy to the posterity! But this will not happen!

Such policies; responsible for the suffering of generations after generations; would be averted by the rising global consciousness.

NAMASMARAN i.e. reorientation to cosmic consciousness has to be the goal, the purpose, the core and the basis of every policy including the rejection of alcohol production. But mere opposition to alcohol without channelizing our vitality to cosmic self through NAMASMARAN; can lead to defeat, frustration and many socio-psychiatric and socio-pathological evils!

Let us understand that we cannot appreciate certain convictions, unless we have been sufficiently evolved and become reasonably objective. Thus if alcohol is our weakness, then we cannot appreciate and support the opposition to alcohol production; even if it is destructive to us and the society! This is what causes innate conflicts and stress!

Conquering these conflicts and stress; is difficult but inevitable! So, let us not be desperate and violent to others and/or to ourselves! Let us simply practice and propagate NAMASMARAN, assert our convictions; and experience the inner and outer revolution and individual and global blossoming!

I am more than happy to see; most of the philanthropists realize this; and participate in politics i.e. policies, plans, programs and actions for public welfare (obviously not the dirty, party or petty politics)!

Many of us may not agree with the details of the agenda of these people. But I am very happy to see this happen; because it is indicative of the dawn of individual and global blossoming, in perspective, thoughts, feelings and actions.

World politics is; or rather ought to be; the expression of cosmic consciousness (converging into global consensus) with the perspective of individual and global blossoming.

Thus people of such perception and conviction, when identify, appreciate, come together and interact; the pragmatic aspects of actual means and modalities of actions get crystallized.

At present also this is happening, but in a rather imperfect, immature, inaccurate, insufficient, inadequate and ineffective manner. Primarily, this imperfection is that of perspective, conceptualization, conviction and actual experience or realization.

The millions of different needs, wants, likes, dislikes, virtues, vices, actions, interactions, contradictions, dialogues, hopes and despairs of billions of living beings; of different ages; with different geographical, political, social, economic, cultural and historical backgrounds; one thing in common. This lowest common denominator is the deep seated urge; for individual and global blossoming; either voluntary or involuntary and conscious or subconscious!

The visible hallmarks of this individual and global blossoming (though in formative or developing stage); are; millions of people being served food free of cost, millions of cows being cared for; as by Gondavle Sansthan, ISCKON and many other institutions, trees being planted by ISHA, millions of people being trained in yoga by Swami Ramdev and Patanjali Yogapeeth pariwar, Promotion and cultivation of herbal plants by Ahcarya Balkrishna, millions of people being trained in Sudarshan Kriya by Sri Sri Ravishankar and Art of Living pariwar, holistic medical practice by at least some holistic practitioners in the world and attempts towards justice in political, legal, economic, agricultural and health care areas, by many institutions and individuals all over the world.

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