Stress and ventilation

by Divya Dashora

Hans Selye categorized the stress as eustress and distress resp.I think whether its eustres or distress ,this agent i.e stress has an enormous capacity to fluctuate and dance our whole normal physiology of our body.

Today when people constantly complain about stressful situations,or about tensions existing surrounding them they will take 2 basic steps like complaing or seeking guidance from psychiatrists. Present scenario of society where people are constantly moving to isolation, which can be becse of short lived relationships, nuclear families where couples are working whole day, greater demands on every aspect of life, efforts especially of middle class families to keep a standards and requirements at par of society despite of inflation.

This whole insensitivity of human being towards each other drives them into isolation,where people think and only think to compete and compete,once upon a time people maintained a huge group of socialrelationship,friendship and could get proper assistance for any difficult situation,ventilating also in front of near and dear ones could support them and would relieved them.

My view is not only meditation or medication can relive the stress or combat with stress but ventilation along with it can give supportive and fascinating results to make stress as eustress.

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