Stress Because of Non-contributors

The stress because of non-contributors is manageble.

Job stress strategies to deal with the stress the Non-contributors create

The listed job stress strategies may be beneficial only if you like you work and only if you are willing to persue a long term career with the company you work with.

  1. Show them their weakness – active job stress strategy

    Show them the real nature of what they actually do! Most often they do it unconsciously and once they understand the real impact of their behavior they will stop. Most people don’t want to be a burden.

    However you have to beware: here is a risk about you. When a person sees his own weakness he tends to defend himself and may be offensive towards you.

    You a need a high level of diplomacy while undertaking this job stress strategy. You need to manifest your sincere concern about the person you talk to – you have to talk with the ultimate purpose to help the person dealing with his weakness for his own benefit in the first place.

  2. Become deaf about them – passive job stress strategy

    Just ignore them but don’t be rude! The best case scenario for you is if you can find a calm, isolated place where you can work eliminating any easy access of non-contributors to you.

    If not, keep the conversations concise and strict to the point. Avoid any topics covering comments concerning colleagues, disasters, shopping, studying …

    This job stress strategy does not involve not listening at all. It could be impolite and offending and could result in negative effects on you if people get tuned against you. Remember, complaining has a powerful uniting effect: while complaining people do not feel alone and this way they address some of the most basic fears they have.

    If you rudely ignore non-contributors they will start complaining against you! And you definitely don't want their combined negative strength pointed against you, do you?

    To become deaf about them means to listen to them but to not try to solve their problems. Just listen and immediately after the conversation stops, forget about it! Soon the guys will stop bothering you because they will not be finding what they look for – compassion.

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