Stress Because of Your Boss

The stress because of your boss is manageble, however it is not always under your control.

Dealing with your boss is worth the efforts only if you like your job and you want to grow and develop with the company you are with in the long run.

  1. Job stress strategy to deal with ambitious managers

    Your boss is an ambitious manager who wants the company to prosper and grow. He gives his best in the work he does and tries to build a team of knowledgeable and capable employees who will help him in meeting his targets. He, as a manager, has to meet tough targets and he desperately needs the cooperation of his subordinates.

  2. Where does the stress come from? He is over demanding.

    The good news is that company’s goals will be his goals as well! So this guy is a kind of easily predictable. The only steps you need to do in order to deal with him are to:

    • Understand the company’s goals
    • Understand your manager division’s goals
    • Understand the plan put in place by your manager how to achieve those goals
    • Openly manifest your sincere will to cooperate and help him
    • Make your best in helping him

    This kind of managers will kill you immediately at the moment they understand you can not help them or you don’t want to learn how to help them.

    Their weak place is their ambition.

    If you openly manifest your will to help them or, if you are not capable to help them straightaway, to learn how to help them, they will do their best to show you the way, to guide you. This job stress strategy will make you part of their big project, of their contribution to the wellbeing of the company. You will be highly appreciated and loved, which immediately means stress reduction by times for you, my friend!

  3. Job stress strategy to deal with lazy managers

    Your boss is a person who goes at work just because of the salary and bonuses he receives. He is lazy, loves the calm world he lives in and makes his best to just keep his position. Most often those are middle level managers.

  4. Where does the stress come from? You want to develop and you can’t.

    I classify this type of managers as non-contributors, just consumers. They are quite tough guys to deal with because you don’t know what exactly to expect from them. They can destroy you just because they feel you as a threat to the safe world they have already built for themselves.

    In this situation the option you have is: Just hold on!

    This guy will not be your manager anymore in just a couple of months because he has a boss as well! And his boss relies on the work he does. Soon or later your manager will completely mess it up. Remember, there is not a free lunch on this world.

    Why will this happen?

    If he sees you like the job you do the manager will have to either

    • give you all the work he as a manger has to do (if he is smart) or
    • to isolate you because he feels you as a threat for his world (if he is not that smart)

    Giving you the whole work he has to do is not as bad as it seems because you like your job. It is true it will be tough and you will not know how to deal with everything. You will not have his coaching and leading but he will accept anything you do. By the time passes you will become stronger and stronger and guess who the next manager will be when he leaves … You will simply be the best person to cover his duties.

    Now I can hear you saying: “Huh, I will do his work and he will present it as his own achievement. No way!”

    Yes, you are a kind of right. It is not fair. But just give him a chance to try this way and enjoy the show which will follow. Just hold on, be diligent in everything you do and don’t worry. This is a magic effectively stress relieving job stress strategy!

    Believe me; the situation you are afraid of can not last forever. Give him a change to rely on you and soon you will be better placed than him to address the problems his department faces just because you love your job and he does not. He loves the money he takes or the position he has but not the work he does. This has an unbelievably strong demolishing effect on his position because slowly, slowly everybody will start noticing who addresses the real problems.

    If your manager isolates you completely, he will not be that smart at all because the work he is supposed to do will remain undone unless he finds somebody else to do it (of course he can not find somebody else to do it because you like your job and you will definitely be the best person to be charged with). This will eventually result in problems for himself much sooner because his job will remain undone and the company is not a charity organization. Any employee has to contribute to the mutual success. Otherwise he becomes useless.

    If you follow this job stress strategy events will arrange in way that you will be the ultimate winner!

And what if my boss personally dislikes me?

There is not such a thing like to personally dislike an employee.If somebody tells you that your boss makes your world terrible just because he personally dislikes you, he is lying to you!

The real reason will be that either he perceives you as a threat for himself or because he does not feel you as a contributor to his goals.

Of course the above mentioned job stress strategies will effectively reduce the level of stress you experience only if you love your job. Otherwise you will bear exactly the opposite effect. You will feel more exhausted and stressed than ever.

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