Stress Headaches

Stress headaches are one of the most common physical effects stress has on the contemporary human.

There are several types of headaches caused by stress.

Tension Type Headaches

Such are more than 90% of all headaches. Almost everybody knows them and has felt them even though we do not often realize their real name.

It feels like a dull, non pulsing, bilateral pain, tightening and pressing the areas of the neck and the crown. The feeling of load in the head remains constant.

It is not disabling but is annoying. It is not associated with serious side effects such as vomiting and people are actually active and able to meet their daily responsibilities. Sometimes sitting in a dark calm room or just a short walk in the park are the perfect solutions.

Doctors distinguish between episodic and chronic tension headache. Episodic tension headaches last from 4 to 6 hours a day and do not happen for more than the half of the month.

Researches show that more than 3% of the population suffers from chronic tension type headaches. They can occur for more than half of the month and can last from minutes to days or even months or years. Usually the chronic tension type headaches are moderate and severe rather than mild and are experienced by elder people over the age of 50.

Most often tension type headaches are caused by emotional stress. Other causes of tension type headaches might be sleep deprivation, irregular meal time, eyestrain or hidden depression.

Chronic Headaches

4% to 5% of the population suffers chronic headaches. The primary chronic headache lasts from 15 or more days per month and does not come as a result of other illnesses. The secondary chronic headache emerges as a result of other brain problems such as vessels problems.

Post Traumatic Headache

Local or general pain and can remind the symptoms of migraine and tension type headache. Usually it happens daily and is very hard to be influenced by medication. The pain may come after relatively slight trauma and it is very difficult to determine the cause.

Psychic Headaches

Almost daily headache lasting for months or even years with no interruption. The pain reduces during periods of relaxations, vacations and holidays.

Doctors usually recommend psychoanalysis, relaxation and avoiding any stressful situations.

How to Avoid and Deal with Stress Headaches?

  • First of all avoid stress of any kind if you can. I know this one is hard but any effort should be done because it will dramatically decrease the chances of headaches.

  • Have a look at the 3 SIMPLE STEPS MANAGING STRESS STRATEGY. Those are basic rules we have to blend in our daily round in order to cope with stress.

  • Relax! Have a look at the stress headache massage technique. It always helps getting an immediate headache relief.

  • Do not strain your eyes to much. Give them a deserved rest every 50 min by just looking at the horizon. If it is hard to find the horizon just stare around for 5 to 10 min.

  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

  • Eat regularly, reduce alcohol and quit smoking. Have a look why ginger has a magic effect against headaches.

  • Plan your holidays! You are not a machine! You need and deserve a rest.

  • Avoid any painkillers and drugs. Use them really as a last resort when you do not have anything else to do and after a consultation with a doctor.

Try Tiger balm. It really helps relieving most of the physical effects of stress.

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