What Causes Stress

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We come to this world with a purpose. I spent years working for other people and following a path which was not mine.

The result was always an empty feeling inside. Whatever I tried to do, even if I was doing my best to do a good job was ending up in this empty feeling that something was not as it should be. There was always something more I could do and I was never able to reach a state of inner peace.

And let me tell you, this inner peace is not achievable for religious people only. You can make it too! It is really just a matter of finding your true purpose and letting your life follow it. You will be amazed how easier your life will be and how self sufficient you will feel. Anything you do will have a true purpose, your interaction will people will be smooth and easy, worries will transform into fairness, hate will transform into love, fears will transform into gentleness, anger will transform into kindness, sadness will transform into courage.

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