Stress Reliever Games

Stress reliever games are the best way to let the stress go while having a great fun. There is nothing more pleasant of just relaxing while playing a simple entertaining game.

How to Choose the Best Stress Reliever Games?

The number of online games offered for free in the net is amazingly big. So maybe it will be useful to share with you my criteria to classify a game as a stress reliever game.

  1. Easy to Win

    People under pressure are particularly sensitive to failures. The easy to win requirement does not mean that the games are easy to an extent to not be interesting. Just the contrary!

    It means that there is not a well defined goal where the game ends. You can just play until you are pleased. Your only competition will be your own previous result.

  2. Simple Design

    The combination of colors is extremely important in order to not get irritated and relax. Some games have rather inconveniently bright colors for relaxation purposes.

    I tried to choose games with soft colors and lack of fast movements which would contribute to feel calm and free of any tension.

  3. Relaxing Music

    Some of the games have quite relaxing sound track and I chose them on purpose because music has an unbelievably powerful effect on us. The effect of music in addition to the game itself contributes to the overall relaxation effect of the stress reliever game.

    Learn more about stress relief music and the amazing effects it has on us.

  4. No Aggression

    Most of the games advertised as contributing to stress relief are based on violence and aggression. While playing them your goal is to kill somebody or destroy something.

    Many people consider this practice as not dangerous because everything happens in the computer and is not real. However recent studies show that playing such games triger anger reactions in the body, which basically worsen your state rather than helping you to relax.

    Basically those games revive and reemphasize the primary models of killing and being violent, which we bear from the dawn of human kind. If you stick to constantly express those models while playing games you will dramatically increase the chances to unconsciously express them in real life.

    This is the major reason why I decided to select games demanding creativity and constructive thinking in a simple way - qualities which are much more appreciated in our society.

  5. Simple Rules

    The simple rules are very important in order to chill out effectively. There are a lot of interesting games which however require a significant investment of time in order to learn all the rules before start playing.

    This is often not possible and even not recommended for a person who has spent the whole day in solving tough problems at work.

Who Has to Play Stress Reliever Games

People who spend more than 4 hours a day in front of a computer definitely have to avoid playing computer games. Computers do not have a nice impact on humans' health, particularly our eyes.

If you spend more than 4 hours a day in front of a computer it is strongly recommended to rest your eyes instead of straining them additionally.

All others are more than welcome to enjoy the games.

How Do Stress Reliever Games Work?

There are several ways stress reliever games affect us.

The Game Itself Does Not Do Anything

While playing an amusing game you forget about all problems you have at work or at home. Irrelevant how many or how serious they are your attention is grabbed by the game and this is the only thing your mind is dealing with.

Since this is a simple and amusing game it is not that difficult for your mind to process it. The amazing effect of the game does not come from the game itself. It stems from the fact that it helps you taking away from your mind all insolvable problems thus letting your brain relax.

This is an amazing way to grant your mind a priceless rest.

The Emotional Balance

The stress reliever games help you restore your emotional balance by giving you the possibility to achieve a result.

Trying to solve a tough problem can be really putting down especially at the beginning when you do not have enough information and do not have the big picture of the situation. At this early stage getting a real finalized result is hard.

Although such a situation is understandable quite often ambitious people do not take it that easy. The resulting tension and stress might be easily relieved while playing games which let people achieve a final result.


Before spending hours playing games please bear in mind the following:

Do not overdo it!

I know stress reliever games are a good way to forget about the problems you have and let the tension go while having great fun; but they can deprive you of precious hours, you could use to solve the real problems.

    • Depending on your state playing games may be extremely time consuming. Do not let this activity take you more than 30 min per day.

    • Staring at the PC is extremely exhausting for your eyes, which finally may result in headaches. Learn more about stress headaches and how to get rid of them.
    • While playing games you keep the same posture as while being at work. Instead of relaxing your backbone you keep straining it...
    • Bear in mind that staying in front of a computer playing games contributes to having no physical activities in your daily round; moving is one of the five major activities you have to do in order to defeat stress. Learn more about the 3 SIMPLE STEPS MANAGING STRESS STRATEGY
    • Playing games may bring you more tension than expected because often people get nervous if they fail to win. Please, do not be like this. Just play to have some fun and relax. This is all about games have been created for.

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