The Best Stress Reliever

A lot of people try to find out the best stress reliever ever. Many have dedicated their lives to devise the magic pill that will cure stress forever.

Still it does not exist. This makes many fight their own war with stress. Such was my case as well and I think I have found my way in dealing with it

The best stress reliever for me is stillness. The state of having no thoughts. There is at least one good thing for sure - it comes for free! No cost at all!

If you manage to get it this means that you have managed to take out all the junk of our civilized and fast running world out of your mind. Work problems, shouting people, horns, deadlines, objectives, lost friends ... In a state of stillness the mind is just blank. This is the state in which relaxation and restoration are most effective.

Maybe you are wondering why it is the best stress reliever. Lets start from the fact that it comes for free. Stress comes for free for everybody so it is logical that the cure for stress is for free as well. Another sound reason is that thoughts turn out to be the main stress generator. Of course not all thoughts; only these ones that in combination with the fast changing environment give rise to fears. From here it follows that if we eliminated these thoughts the levels of stress in our lives would dramatically decrease.

The state of stillness is the best stress reliever ever!

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