The First Defense Against the Unhealthy Effects of Stress

by Richard Kuhns
(Middletown, NJ)

Deep breathing is actually the first defense against the unhealthy effects of stress. That’s because when we react to stress the first thing that happens is that breathing becomes shallow and upper chest which can cause muscle tension problems like head and neck ache, shoulder tension, and even panic attacks. The problem is that it's difficult for most people to remember to do deep breathing when they need it most.

No one makes any money from deep breathing so you won't hear the radio announcer reminding you to do it when you're driving your car in rush hour, getting a last minute work assignment, have lost something and can't find it, when something breaks or malfunctions, dealing with incompetence at work, going over your finances, are blamed for something, and so on.

Obviously the best time to do it is when you feel stressed in the midst of those situations, but that almost never happens as your breathing is secondary to the stress at hand.
I suggest making it a habit by choosing various times of the day to practice it daily. For instance, do it whenever your computer is loading a program or a website. Do it before you answer the phone. Do it when you are conversing and you're listening. Do it every time you are at a red light.
Get the picture? Make a list of times and places you can do it and put reminders around your home, office and auto to remind you to keep doing it. To claim your free monthly Stress Management Techniques Bulletin (a $300 value) go to

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