The Four Bridge Players from New York

I was in high school in New York when we used to play bridge. We were all guys from all over the states and used to travel back home quite rarely. Bridging was so interesting for all of us that often we were playing even during the nights. And of some of us were quite exhausted as you will see below...

One night we were playing as usual and we were listening to a new radio broadcast for rock music. The guy who was speaking was quite funny and at a point in time he decided to give the chance to listeners to send regards to friends just by calling him and asking him to play a nice song.

We decided that whoever was dummy will go, talk to the guy and ask for some nice song. So at a point in time my turn came and I went to the phone. I will never forget the following conversation which cost me tons of jokes and teases afterwords.

Radio guy: Hello!

Me: Hello, my name is Sam. I am calling to ask you to play Master of Puppets of Metallica and this way to send regards to the four bridge players from New York!

Radio guy: Wow! That is great! I will play it in a second. So you are now playing bridge and listening to my broadcast? It is 3 a.m.!

Me: Yes, this is right! We are big fans of your broadcast.

Radio guy: You said that you are four bridge players from New York. Tell me who is there around the table.

Smith from Tennessee
George from Iowa
Peter from Virginia and
Sam from Nebraska

Radio guy: And you say you are all from New York? Hm, interesting. You definitely need some sleep, dude!

Well, I meant that we were all in New York at that point in time but the guy did not give me the chance to explain and nobody else cared about my explanations neither. Anyway, this is one of my funny stories while being under the stress of insufficient sleep.

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