The Most Basic Cause of Stress

by Pavel

Stress has so many impacts in our lives. They are so interconnected that it is very difficult to discern what is at the very bottom; what is the very basic cause of stress.

I think that if I knew the cause I could possibly find a logical and suitable solution of the problem.

Finally I identified it. Yes, I already know what the most powerful cause of stress is. The very basic cause of stress is the combination of fear of death and a constantly changing environment.

Note that it is the combination that really matters. If one of the components is missing the recipe will not work, i.e. stress will not exist. The two components work together and reinforce each other.

Fear of Death X Changing Environment = STRESS

It is so important that it is worth mentioning again. The change by itself is not sufficient to cause stress. An active involvement of a human who perceives the change as a threat is the magic component of the stress recipe. Let me give you an example. One evening I passed by the mall for shopping on my way back from work. I parked my car and got out of it overloaded with purchases. I locked the car but by accident I pressed the unlock button instead of the lock button and did not pay attention. In fact the car remained unlocked for the night. Do you think this had any impact on my sleep? Not at all! I went home calm and merry and slept as a baby. I realized what I had done the next morning when I tried to unlock my car but it did not unlock because it was unlocked the whole night. My heart literally exploded at the thought what could have happened.

Let's analyze now. The change we are interested in is leaving my car unlocked. This is a fact that happened in my life. However it was not enough to trigger the stress reaction. I had to realize what I had done and MOST IMPORTANTLY THINK of what could have happened. If I extrapolate this case of loosing a physical asset and put myself in a situation where I have lost all my physical assets, it is not very hard to see how my specific fear of loosing my car is fed by a most generic fear - the fear of death.

Logically, if you want to be stressless you have to either decrease your fears down to zero or avoid any changes in your life. The fear of death as any other fear is an emotion based on our perceptions as already demonstrated. Our perceptions are nothing more but what we think is or could be real. It follows that fears depend on our thoughts and the key to control stress turns out to be our ability to control our mind set.

Yes, this is the only way! Yet it is still enough.

So now since you know the very basic stress cause and the secret to control stress in your life, it is not very difficult to understand why nowadays stress is prevailing.

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