Useful Techniques To Relieve Hemorrhoid Tension

Apart from the techniques described below you have to keep in mind and take into consideration one very important detail. Once you have hemorrhoids you have to be more conscious about your hygiene. Whenever you go to toilet for number 2 you have to forget about the toilet paper.

Chafing the place with paper is not the most pleasant thing you can do. Thus consider washing it instead of chafing with paper.

Technique 1

Wake up in the morning. During the time while you are not completely awaken but are conscious, sincerely wish and tell yourself that the coming day will be a wonderful day with no time pressure. Any possibility of failure regarding whatever you do is not present because you have the firm will to give any effort to do your job. Feel the tension in your rectum going away.

Technique 2

Sit at the edge of a chair. Dedicate 1 minute to feel the exact feeling in your anal area. Feel the tension. Think of the pressure which is on you at this very moment, coming from your inability to solve your tasks on time. This thought only will bring additional pressure in your rectum. Capture it! Realize it! Understand it!

Next, just tell yourself that you do not care! Imagine how you have the whole time of the world at your disposal. Even if this is not true just imagine it and feel the response of your rectum. The relief is unbelievable as is the contrast with the feeling from the previous paragraph.

Technique 3

Immediate hemorrhoid tension relief!
Just sit on a chair. Make sure nobody is around. People may find quite funny this technique.

Start doing circular motions with your behind on the chair. Ten times clockwise and ten times counter clockwise. This is unbelievably effective technique to stir the blood away from your anal vessels.

Do this exercise at least three times a day and you will dramatically reduce the tension in your behind!

Technique 4

Lay on a bed and lift your legs upon the wall. Put a pillow under your behind and remain like this for at least 15 min. During this time you should not think of your daily problems! Just the contrary! Think of how you have the whole time of the universe to do your lovely stuff. Or just imagine how the blood stirs from your inflated anal vessels.

Do this at least twice a day!

Technique 5

You can massage several biologically active points in the anal area in order to relieve the tension. Massage until you feel comfortable enough. Click to see the points

These points are quite sensitive, particularly in case if you remain sitted for quite long. Thus it will not be difficult for you to locate them.

Massage each one ten times clockwise and ten times counter clockwise.

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