Work Stress - Why Do We Have to Work?

Most of us perceive work as a burden and this is a source of work stress. However, it turns out that we need work and it is not only to pay our monthly rental or for food.

The Universe has been created for us. If any of us disappears, our planet would continue to exist. If a planet disappears in the galaxy, the galaxy will continue to exist. If our galaxy would disappear from the universe, the universe would still remain. It turns out that the Universe does not need us but we need the Universe.

Similarly it is us who need work. The work does not need us. We need work in order to learn and progress, in order to find our true purpose. Any of us come to this world with a purpose and with talents to complete it. The sooner we understand it and pursue it the better because this is the safest shortcut to happiness. Life teaches us lessons every single day and guides us to this very original purpose. Work is the best way to learn these lessons.

The world does not need anything. Everything is already there. We have to adjust and understand it, we have to evolve and develop along the Universe. If you do not like your job, this means you are in conflict. There is a teething between what you want and what you do. When you find your true purpose you will start exploiting your true talents which will unleash your true potential and you will be in a position to solve complicated daily tasks like anything.

Reaching this state is a true objective which we have to accomplish through our work.

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