Mind Your Words

Words, Thoughts, Wishes

Although this section is dedicated to elaborate on using our words against stress, it is not only about the words we say – it is also about our thoughts and wishes which, as the words we use, are indicative of our INTENTION.

The thing which is of the utmost importance is our INTENTION and I focus on the words we use since they are the most explicit manifestation of it.

Words against stress

Your words may unlock powerful sources of strength.

Your words may help you defeat fears you bring from the very beginning of your life.

Your words may make you terribly suffer.

So use this weapon carefully. Be extremely careful when formulating your wishes, your thoughts, your phrases because they might turn out to be key in managing stress. There is a listener for everything you say, think or wish and he fulfills the requests with an amazing punctuality. Guess who this listener is! Difficult, huh?

This listener is you, my friend! Yes, yourself!!!

Programming Your Mind

It might be strange for you but by what we think wish or say we program our mind. We build in and predefine what will happen to us because this way we tell our brain how to behave.

Let me give you an example.

A Friend of Mine

One morning I went to do my usual physical exercises program in the park and there I met my friend Villy. We finished exercising at pretty much the same time so I proposed to give her a ride.

The important thing that happened is that while making my proposal to her I visualized exactly how we are in the car and where exactly I will drop her off. It was a bus station on our way where I was usually dropping her and from where she could easily catch a bus and go home. At this moment I did not realize how powerful influence this will have on me in just 15 minutes.

So we walked to the car just chatting about casual stuff, started the trip and at a point in time Villy told me that she was actually not going home but she was planning to go shopping. Basically she wanted me to drop her off at one station before where I was usually dropping her off.

Guess what happened! Because I was focusing on the driving and on the conversation we started in the park I completely ignored her request! I passed the shopping mall and took her to the bus station where I was usually dropping her off.

What happened is that I personally preprogrammed my behavior! When we were in the park I took the information that I have to drive Villy as usual, put this in the background and this info record was influencing my behavior all the time! Amazing!!!

Your Mind is a Powerful Director

how to relief stress Ok. This was a simple example where I followed a well known habit of mines as a result of the circumstances. It happens all the time when you walk, brush your teeth, drive, wash dishes or God knows what else …

All those are preprogrammed activities, we call them sometimes habits, which are followed unconsciously by our mind just because we have already taught him how to do them and we know exactly what the outcome will be.

But what about our wishes? What about the things we just want; we want them so much but we have never done them and do not know the way to them? Is our mind capable to find out the way?

This is an interesting question with a positive answer. Yes, it can!

Definitely our mind is capable to find the missing parts from the puzzle and build the whole picture of our wishes. This is actually the mystery of the prayer, which was discovered long time ago by religions. If you sincerely wish something, it will happen! Soon or later your mind will find the way to it!

Words against stress in action

Using your words against stress involves building a healthy positive attitude on a daily basis…Managing stress depends at the utmost extend on how we choose to behave in our daily round. It is as simple as this. Being positively or negatively tuned has a tremendous importance on winning this battle.

Example I am giving you an example of two possible ways to reply to the simple question: “Would you like some coffee?”

No, I don’t like coffee. It is not healthy = WRONG

No, thank you for being so kind to offer!

The two replies are delivering the same message – No. But the first one is only negative while the second one is put in a positive way. If you definitely want to make a comment on the healthy issues involved by the question you could do it this way:

No, thank you. I prefer tea. I consider tea as more healthy.

Now you are considering an alternative and if you smile in addition to the words, it will be a priceless statement of yours!!!

So, pay specific attention to formulate everything you say in a positive and constructive way and you will be astonished to see a tremendous change in everything that happens to you.

What about complaining?

If somebody asks you: “How are you today?” make any effort to avoid complaining. Here is the place to use your words against stress wisely! The complaints will just strengthen the negative models in your mind you need to get rid of in order to get stress relief. You win nothing if you start complaining.

If you feel hard finding anything positive to say about yourself or in general, the best you can answer is: “Fine, thank you!” The “thank you” part is very important. You don’t thank the person just because of politeness. You thank the person because he/she has just offered you a unique opportunity to go a step further in the building process of your personal framework in a positive way!

Nothing you say or think is purposeless. Everything has an impact on you and on the environment around you.

Coincidence and managing stress

Coincidence is a word invented by people who does not want to see the reasons for what happens to them. Those are people who need fake justifications for their failures.

There is not such a thing like coincidence - everything that happens to us has a reason. And the reasons are our steps already done in the past.

So if somebody hurts you, don’t try to blame him about his actions because your bitter words will transform into a reason to suffer again in the near future, which creates sources of tension and stress in all known forms... The reason is definitely not in him but in something YOU have recently done wrong.

Instead of blaming him you can use your words against stress..

MIND YOUR WORDS! Everything has an impact on you and the environment around you. Being cautious of what we say, think and wish is part of the way to live a healthy and happy life. Use wisely your words and managing stress will turn out to be easier than expected!


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