Work Environment Stress

Work environment stress is tedious.

Here I would like to share with you some of the major stress factors at the work place and some job stress strategies to address them effectively. Work out your job environment and you will be amazed how easy it is to resolve stress at work!

  1. Blinking, too bright/poor or mixed lights

    Blinking and poor lights are extremely irritating making your life difficult to see what you are looking at. The only fact that you do not achieve what you are trying to is stressing. Too bright lights make the pupils' muscles contract repeatedly to protect the retina creating a constant tension in your eyes, which eventually may result in a terrible headache. Mixed lights (artificial - light produced by bulbs with natural - sun light)exhaust eyes quickly.

    Try speaking to maintenance guys immediately once you notice a blinking light in the room. Never look at a page directly lit by the sun or which is partly lit and partly in the shadow. Turn off the lights during the day provided that the sun light is strong enough to make your work possible.

  2. Too strong or unpleasant smells

    Personally I dislike any kind of smells irrelevant of whether they are pleasant or unpleasant. I like the smell of fresh air and I have always preferred offices situated next to parks or in the mountains. The air there is really relaxing.

    If it is not possible to find such an office at least refresh the air in the room you are in regularly.

  3. Persistent slight noises

    Electronic equipment has the unpleasant feature to need what is called preventative maintenance. Humans have the unpleasant habit to forget about it. Soon or later any of the appliances around you start producing persistent slight noises, which we usually do not pay specific attention to but which are unbelievably annoying and stress creating. Let's say an old computer's FAN, an out of order air conditioning or the main electricity board (in case it is in the building and you are around it.

    Go some day to the office when there is nobody there, turn on all the equipment which is usually used during working days and listen. You will be amazed how noisy those things are. If you notice something particularly irritating, talk to maintenance guys.

  4. Untidy desk

    If my desk is not tidy the stress for me comes from the inability to find something important at the moment when I need it. Can u imagine? The phone rings, I need a piece of blank paper where to write a number and I can't find any!?Or worse: I can find a small untouched corner of a sheet to write the new piece of information and 10 minutes afterwards being unable to recollect where exactly this happened?!!

    The only tip I can give you for this one is just to clean and arrange your desk...

  5. Uncomfortable chair

    Having a good posture is key for the backbone health. If you stay in an office for more than 6 hours a day in front of a computer, the chair you sit on should be your best friend.During all those years at work I found out that the chair is one of the things I am particularly capricious about.

    Try to find a chair which helps you maintaining the natural shape of your backbone. I know this one is not that easy especially when your computer is always in front you and it is natural to curve if you work long enough; at least try to find a chair with a decent back.

  6. Noisy colleagues

    Sometimes you can find it difficult to focus if there are shouting or grinning people around. Just change the room or if not possible ask them politely to go somewhere else.

  7. Too loud or repeated sounds

    Personally I always go deep deep in what I try to do and I find any sudden, strong or continuously repeated noises as extremely shocking. For instance too loud ring tones or fax confirmation messages can drive me crazy.

    Just turn down the volume or, if you can not find out how, talk to support guys to do it.

  8. Inappropriate temperature

    Temperature may be a tough problem to deal with because most people are sensitive regarding it, and people are always different...

    Just find the colleagues who have similar preferences to yours and set up the air conditioning appropriately

  9. Currents of air

    The currents of air are usually disregarded by most of us but quite frequently they are the major reason to get sick irrespective of whether they are warm or cool.

    Pay attention to not have too many windows open at a time and always set up the air conditioning to the lowest possible blowing option. Also set up the currents of air to flow at any direction but directly to you - walls, ceiling, floor are all good options.

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