Yin Yang Principle

Ancient Chinese say Yin is black and Yang is white.

However it is a kind of difficult to believe we are all just mixture of black and white. Let’s see what these guys meant.

The concept of Yin and Yang expresses the universal relationship between things and phenomena in the world. The contemporary scientists believe that at a point quite far back in time the Big Bang happened and the world as we know it today is a consequence. Chinese people described this event as well. They say: One became Two, Two met Three and the thousand things appeared. The Two became known as Yin and Yang. The polarity created by them, which is the base of anything else in our Universe, is known as the great principle of Yin and Yang. The Three in the sentence above are the three types of energies which in combination with yin and yang consist the world as we know it.

In the human body Yin corresponds to its material components and Yang to its functions. The activities of the body belong to yang, and the processing of food to the Yin. So Yin is kept inside and becomes the material basis for Yang; Yang works as a manifestation of Yin.

The interaction between yin and yang is as follows:

  • Strive to harmony and mutual opposition
  • Can be converted from one to another, because they contain its opposite
  • The interaction between them is a source for the development everything
  • Any breach of the harmony between yin and yang leads to lack of movement and development

Yin and Yang are constantly in a state of permanent opposition, but do not limit each other. If one of them dominates, the other is negatively impacted and vice versa. They are never at rest, but constantly changing and complement each other.

When you grow too much Yin, it can turn into Yang and vice versa. In ancient Chinese medical treatise is said "When Yin reaches its maximum, it becomes Yang. When the cold reaches its peak, it becomes heat, and when the heat reaches its peak occurs cold. " These transformations happen because each of these two principles contains in itself its opposite.

The concept of Yin and Yang is not only a theoretical basis of ancient TCM, but is also a concept of diagnosis and treatment. The balance and harmony between Yin and Yang is the underpinning principle of every living human. TCM considers any condition as being the manifestation of the distorted balance between Yin and Yang in the patient’s body. Thus the main task of the treatment in TCM is to restore the harmony between Yin and Yang.


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