Fun and Stress

Various fun ways to relieve stress are popularized in the net but unfortunately there is nothing funny in most of them.

This is why I decided to dedicate this page on some ways to make the stress relieving process a bit more funny. It can really be – it is up to us to look for and pay attention to the various opportunities existing around us.

Of course there is a cons side as well. I have to warn you that you have to be extremely careful with the fun ways to relieve stress because while having fun we usually loose our sense of time.

Fortunately the fun ways to relieve stress will charge you with positivism which will definitely help you feel stronger and relax after the tedious tough day at work…

Enjoy the funny stress relievers but do not abuse yourself! It is up to you to find the right balance…

I have found and will share with you four major types of funny stress reducers. In addition you will find below some really funny stories about how people react while being under stress.

Enjoy and do not forget to share some of your stories. What you have witnessed or perosnally experienced is unique and valuable. Share it with the rest of the world and make other people smile as well!

Herewith I would like to present to you nice pictures which are perfect solution to forget about your daily troubles and overcome stress.

These are pictures which were circulating the net as spam but I liked very much.

I think the beauties of nature have always been marvelous. Unfortunately it is not always possible for most of us to get out of the city and go to contemplate them.


Stress relief music has a magic effect on any living matter. Find out the secret way of how music can help you relief stress.

Those are several videos which if do not make you laugh like hell, I am sure will at least make you smile…

Funny Animal Videos

Funny Commercials

Other Funny videos

Something very important, love can reduce your levels of stress dramatically! Find a person to love and this will be the bigest leap of yours towards a life without stress!

I LOVE MAYA – my wife. Her support helps me a lot in difficult moments and has always contributed to the majority of fun in my life.

Click on the links below to see some great stories which will definitely make you laugh. They are all written by other visitors to this page.

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