Xinglin Hospital

Welcome to the part of this website dedicated on sharing my Xinglin hospital experience with you.

I am very thankful that destiny turned in a way which took me to this place where I found relief for the numerous effects stress had caused on me.

Xinglin hospital is located in China, at the foot of the legendary Yellow Mountain. It was founded by Dr. Jian Feng in Anhui Province in the spring of 2013.

Few of us will be lucky and will meet a trained yoga master who will be willing to teach. Unfortunately the majority of us will not be so lucky.

The most sophisticated medical equipment in the hospital is the acupuncture needles, and the most valuable resource, the millennial knowledge and unique skills of the doctors. And yet they really do miracles every day!

Dr. Jian and his team practice exclusively the methods of traditional Chinese medicine, making the hospital a place preserving a millenary tradition. With over one hundred beds and more than a dozen doctors it is the only medical facility of this magnitude, devoted exclusively to the practice of the authentic medical methods, such as they existed before the time of the Chinese revolution.

The first written records about the authentic medical methods date back more than 4,500 years since the time of the Yellow Emperor, who is considered the founder of Chinese civilization. Traditional Chinese medicine deals with concepts such as Yin and Yang, the study of the five elements (Wu Xing , wu xing), balance and imbalance. These basic principles do not impress with thorough scientific justification, but to be understood in full and successfully applied to achieve curative result requires a lot of time devoted to in-depth work.

Dr. Jian inherits the knowledge of a Shaolin school for inner development. He, as well as the doctors and students, who follow him, practice Yi Jin Jing.

Yi Jin Jing in direct translation from Chinese means a method for transforming the meridians / muscles / tendons. In practical terms, this is a sequence of movements, combined with specific breathing and concentration, which in the long run uniquely affect the mind and physical body, significantly improving health.

Shaolin Yi Jin Jing is one of the eight branches of the doctrine enshrined in the Shaolin temple. Yi Jin Jing developed based on the principles of Zen Buddhism and was founded by Bodidharma – a mystical character who brought the secret knowledge from India to China some 1 500 years ago.

Xinglin hospital welcomes everyone! Most often, Dr. Jian is visited by people with a health problem with which western doctors are struggling. Quite often tough diseases find their solution after …

In direct translation from Chinese the name Xinglin means “forest of apricot trees” and for a man born and raised in China it has a deep meaning. Some 1 800 years ago in ancient China, during the era known as the Three Kingdoms, lived a doctor called Dong Feng, who instead of taking money from his patients simply asked them to plant an apricot tree in his garden as a sign of gratitude.

Planted apricot trees exist even today close to the place where this doctor developed his art about two thousand years ago, and the term “forest of apricot trees” of modern Chinese language has become a poetic way of talking about both the very practice of classical Chinese medicine and the compassion of those who dedicate their lives to heal the pain of people.

The hospital is the result of decades of hard work of its founder, Dr. Jian Feng. For years, the political situation in China regarding the practice of traditional healing methods has been, to say delicate, which in turn, for decades after the Chinese revolution would render the establishment of such a health facility in China quite difficult.

Difficulties have been so much compelling that after years of healing practice in more than 100 countries across the world, in 2009 Dr. Jian decided to take steps to set up a hospital in Malaysia, where at that time, on the one hand, there was widespread Chinese society with traditional mindset, and secondly, the local government fully supported the initiative.

However, soon after this decision destiny finally began to change its course and with the support of local authorities in the Yellow Mountain district, very near to the hometown of Dr. Jian in Anhui province, a few important documents were signed, which allowed to acquire suitable property for the hospital in mainland China.

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