What is Qi Gong

Qigong is an art. Translated from Chinese it means work with energy. The ultimate goal of practicing qigong (pronounced “Chee Gun”) is to understand your inner nature; to find out how to interact with the surrounding environment and live in harmonious live.

Qi gong is a key element of an ancient Taoist system for health care resulting in prolonged life and spiritual development. This system has been created based on the eternal ways of nature and the major universal laws. The concepts of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are also based on Qi gong. The practice consists of balancing the energies in your body cleaning the slack and removing stress.

It is known under different names. You may find people talking about Qi Gong, Chi Gun, Tsi Gun. However the substance is one and the same.

Most of them are not tangible. However this does not mean they are not precious.

People doing Qi gong describe the most important benefits from the practice to be prolonged life and good health. In many cases the practice results in healing severe illnesses by just restoring our innate internal balance regarding the vital energies in our bodies.

Qi Gong originates from China. In Chinese qi (pronounced “chi”) means energy and gong (pronounced “goon”) means craft, work or art. If combined the two sounds might be translated as “Working with the energy” or “Work with the energy”.

By energy it is meant your internal bio energy, the substance which makes you alive.

Practically ancient Chinese masters have discovered that any matter on our world is composed by different types of energy, which have specific qualities. The interaction of those energies obeys specific laws. Knowing and acting in accordance with those laws is subject of Qi Gong.

The human body is not an exception to these rules. As a living matter it has specific channels where the energy flows and makes life possible. The energies in our bodies interact and obey the same rules as all other forces in the world around us. Being in harmony with them is crucial to live a healthy and stress free life.

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