Stress Nutrition

Stress Nutrition

Stress nutrition reveals the foods containing major nutrients, vitamins and minerals our body needs in case of stress.

The Magic Pill against Stress

Many health care professionals have dedicated their lives to find out the magic pill, which will grant us an immediate and for ever lasting stress relief.

Unfortunately (or not), as the panacea for eternal youth, such a magic pill against stress, depression or anxiety has not been invented yet. Those experiments remind a lot to ancient people trials to find out the way to transforming metals into gold…

On the other hand stress nutrition provides us with powerful weapons against stress and many other illnesses. Being ignorant about the gifts Mother Nature has given to protect and heal us and in the same time taking pills with dubious effects is not that reasonable kind of behavior…

Why is Stress Nutrition Important?

More and more people live in constant stress. Many of them have already accustomed to choke increased irritability and lack of mood by consuming harmful foods containing large amounts of unnecessary carbohydrates and fat. Yet maintenance and restoration of vitality requires high amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Stress nutrition is important because paying attention to what foods we eat is the simplest way to feel better.

Actually nutrition has been one of the most powerful ways to influence the processes in the human body since ancient times. Nutrition is one of the three major branches of Chinese Medicine. Thousands of years ago people from the Far East recognized and used different foods to heal and protect humans against diseases.

Stress nutrition and Antibiotics

Antibiotics save humans from a number of severe infectious and life threatening diseases such as pneumonia. Soon after the first antibiotic was invented, those pills made a name for panacea for any illness.

Later on we found out that in addition to their healing effects, antibiotics have negative impacts on the immune system, as most of the artificially created drugs do. For the majority of those pills we don’t even know about the possible negative effects they cause because they have not been used for a sufficiently long period of time to let the negative impacts manifest.

On the other hand the prophylactic and healing effects of many foods have been known since ancient times. However they are not recognized by modern medicine. The reason why pills gained so much popularity during the last half of twentieth century is their fast effect and of course their profit making potential.

If you compare the healing effect of stress nutrition and drugs you will find out that the former is quite slow and indistinct compared to the latter; you can hardly feel and associate the healing effect to stress nutrition while swallowing a pill even has the so called placebo effect – patients feel better just because they know a treatment is ongoing.

Stress relief drugs may be unbelievably expensive compared to the cost of stress nutrition needed to achieve the same effect. However nowadays, while thinking more about profit maximization than about people’s health, doctors often forget about their primary responsibilities.

Stress nutrition in Action

One of the effects emerging as a result of our contemporary daily round is wrong nutrition. It is one of the numerous factors giving rise to stress and it has a devastating impact on human body.

If you don’t give timely your body everything it needs to function properly (vitamins, minerals and nutrients) every system in it is affected: central nervous system with all risks for mental health issues; digestive system resulting in limited digestion and food absorption; immune system is affected as well as all your organs are.

The suboptimal functioning of your central nervous and immune systems increases your susceptibility to infections, virus attacks, and colds.

The only truth about stress nutrition:

Give your body exactly what it needs, when it needs it!

Humans as living creatures have a physical substance and it is the base for personal and professional development. If the body suffers, no spirit can be developed. We have to take care of our body, we have no other option if we want to live a happy and healthy life.

However understanding what our body needs in terms of nutrients is not an easy task nowadays because we don’t listen to its requests any more. We think about everything else starting from the tasks at work and ending with how to have some fun completely forgetting the basic needs of our body.

Eating has turned to be one among all the tasks we automatically do based on habits and stereotypes; based on what we have got used to. Unfortunately this way we give our body much less than what is enough…

Find out some good eating habits we all should strive to build

What does our body need against stress? What are the secrets of stress nutrition?

What does our body need against stress? What are the secrets of stress nutrition?

The problem of stress nutrition has two implications
1. Quantity and quality of food
2. Regularity of eating

Quantity and quality of food are integral part of stress nutrition

Stress nutrition specialists recommend a whole list of foods your body needs to optimally deal with stress.

The general guideline is that to avoid stress and to recover from it our body needs nothing else but specific vitamins and minerals in addition to the normal food we take daily. We can procure them by focusing on the consumption of foods which are specifically saturated with them.

Stress initiates the production of big quantities of hormones in the body – adrenalin and cortisol. To produce those hormones the body needs significant quantities of mainly vitamin C, vitamins known as B complex, zinc and magnesium.

The following table gives you a nice summery regarding on the one hand what the necessary vitamins and minerals are and on the other hand which foods can give us some more of them.

Follow the link if you want to learn more about the best vitamins and minerals against stress

Foods with Magic Effects Against Stress

GINGER is one of the most aromatic spices and exotic aphrodisiac which has an amazing effect against stress as a whole and particularly stress headaches.

FISH OIL and Omega 3 fatty acids have become popular lately namely because of new researches showing their beneficial impact on the immune system and specifically against inflammations, which makes them help us in the battle against stress and depression.

HERBS can offer more than what you expect against stress. Find out several precious advices how to benefit the miraculous effect of herbs for stress relief.

Regularity of eating as a key step of stress nutrition

Regularity rules! It is better to eat five to six small meals per day rather than one or two big ones.

Avoid overeating!

Overeating is a stress for your body by itself.

Eating implies energy consumption to produce the necessary substances needed to process and absorb the food.

It implies also time.

If you fill your stomach more than necessary it presses the organs next to it and may cause discomfort, malfunctions and gaining weight.

Beware! STRESS may make you misinterpret your hunger. Sometimes we eat just because we feel nervous and this is an effect stemming from being stressed.

Avoid starving!

Starving is a stress for your body by itself.

If you feel hungry this is because your body needs something.

Your body is a very good student! Better than your mind! From the very first bit you have put in your mouth it learns every single detail regarding what nutrients, vitamins and minerals it can absorb from the different types of food.

So if a particular substance is insufficient, it automatically informs you that it needs it through your hunger. If for instance your body needs glucose you could feel it like an unexplainable impulse to eat an apple

Eat just as much as you want, exactly when you want it!

Of course the communication described above between you and your body may happen only if you don’t block it. The major enemy of it is STRESS!

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