How to Deal with Stress

How to Deal with Stress – The Secrets Revealed

How to deal with stress? A good question.

In recent years, compelling evidence accumulated about the role of stress in the manifestation of many diseases as a result of an underlying deterioration of the immune system. Prolonged exposure to stress has a negative impact on all aspects of our health. Therefore, in daily life, the ability to overcome and avoid stress is vital.

In modern life, we feel the tension, much more than ever. You turn on the laptop, look at your bank statement and see that you have left with no money at all; or just when you go to the mall and have to queue for the next half an hour. To avoid being helpless against stress you have to learn how to recognize the relevant stressors in a situation and counter act. You must continuously improve your defense against stress.

Before going into the details we recommend you to follow the following general rules of thumb:

  • Pay great attention to your sleep, eating habits, dedicated time for recreation and active sports. Sleep must be relaxed and long enough. It is relaxed when you go to bed at night thinking about something pleasant, and not for tasks that you have failed to do during the day. It’s nice to do appropriate physical exercises which will relieve stress.
  • Dinner should be light, without much salt, sugar, fat, strong spices and alcohol. Remember that diet is important to avoid stress. Excessive use of coffee and smoking may badly impact the quality of your sleep.
  • Vitamin C and B, and magnesium (wheat germ, cashews, flour, buckwheat, beans, garlic, raisins, green peas, etc.) increase resilience to stress and help your body easily restore. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as mackerel, tuna, salmon, flaxseed seed, sunflower seeds can help you easily overcome bad moods.

How to deal with stress – here are some more details

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Breathing Exercise
Smiling Exercise
Long Run Stress Relief
The Fake Smiling
4 Questions
Keeping a Diary
Stress Reliever Games
Effective Communication

How to deal with stress in the long term

Many have tried to find out an explicit answer of how to cope with stress effectively. Few have achieved any success which in most of the cases has been of short duration.

Why is it so difficult to find out the secret way to a long lasting stress relief?

Usually we fail in this crucial for a healthy life task mainly because we underestimate the severity of the problem and in addition we do not know how to deal with stress root causes.

Stress is not a disease – it is not caused by a virus or bacteria and doctors can not just prescribe an antibiotic and solve the problem.

As contrasted with antibiotics which heal infections, the psychotropic drugs fail to cure chronic stress at the end of the day. In most of the cases their healing effects cease once the patient stops taking them.

Stress stems from the way we interpret and react to the constant changes of life. Since those changes will never stop, the only option we have is to become more flexible and address them appropriately. The 5 SIMPLE STEPS MANAGING STRESS STRATEGY gives you the five basic tips you need to blend in your daily routines in order to avoid as much as possible the negative effects of stress.

How to deal with stress immediately

Although lasting for minutes or half an hour, an immediate stress relief is sometimes more urgent then a sip of air.

The immediate stress relief is most often of short duration but since stress can always catch us off the guards it is good to know some useful secrets granting stress relief on the instant.

How to Deal with Stress by Playing Games

There is nothing more exciting than relieving stress while having great fun. How is this possible? – You would ask. Yes it is, if you know and play the stress reliever games.

How to deal with stress by Forcing to Smile

When you smile the face muscles relax and stimulate a part of the brain that make us feel better and happier. The best part is that you can fake it! A faked smile has almost similar effects as a real smile. Find out here why smiling can be such a powerful weapon against stress.

How to deal with stress by Acupressure for Relaxation

To reduce stress, use your thumb to press strongly and repeatedly 2 minutes each of the following points. The point located on the upper side of the palm on the skin that connects the thumb and forefinger. Do not use this point during pregnancy. The point on top of the foot, between the thumb and the second finger, where the bones are joined.

How to deal with stress by Meditation

Many people unconsciously link meditation to a sense of balance and peace. The calming effects of meditation may help you feel more distant from the causes of stress. Basic meditation techniques are most easily assimilated in group. Meditate every day.

How to deal with stress by Breathing exercises

When you are stressed your body needs a lot of oxygen.

In case of stress your breathing is fast and superficial using just the upper part of your lungs. This way you breathe ineffectively because fast and superficial breathing do not provide you with the quantities of oxygen you need.

Breathing should be slow and deep, letting the diaphragm going down and filling the whole lungs by air.

You need to get accustomed to a technique by which you can get the necessary oxygen when needed.

I can share with you mine antistress breathing technique.

How to Deal with Stress by Smiling to Yourself

Our physical body is our servant, our slave! It is always at our services and in the same time we can not exist without it. It serves us so well, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until the end of the day, that we get used to its services and spoil ourselves thinking they will be on our disposal the end of the world.

Weak up, man!!! Your body is perishable.

What can u do?

You need to get used to smile at your body – yes, I mean you at yourself; to honor every single atom of you. This is equal to send a request to all parts of your physical body to check if everything is OK – put another way to manifest a sincere interest in what is going on and to give it all the credit deserved for serving you so well.

It is like the preventative maintenance you do to your car! Why do you do it? First it saves you money because you avoid big repairs caused by a serious damage and second you have your car at your disposal at any time. If you do it for your body, you will save significant amount of money and time going to doctors and what is the most important, you will have your body strong and healthy at your disposal at any point in the time.

What usually happens is that we rely on our nervous system to inform us if anything goes wrong. Until this happens we are completely ignorant about how our body functions. However, when our nervous system informs us in the form of a pain or malfunction, it is already late. Our nervous system is the last resort of our body to say: Hey you there, I have a serious problem!!!

Practical guidance on how to effectively send a smile message to you

How to Deal with Stress by Discovering Your Personality Power

You are a gifted person!

Irrelevant how happy or anxious you feel at this very moment you have your potential which is granted to you and can make you succeed. The only thing you have to do is to discover it. Discover your Personality Power and unleash unimagined personal power for vibrant living in every aspect of your life!

How to deal with stress by MASSAGE

  1. HeadThere are some biologically active points on the head, which if massaged can help in relieving tension and the feeling of lassitude.Norbekov, a recognized alternative medicine teacher, describes a number of points we can massage in case of tension and tiredness. I tried the technique in case of stress and was astonished how helpful it is. You can watch the headache massage technique here.
  2. Chair MassageAn alternative way of getting helpful massage is by sitting on a massage chair.
  3. KneesMassage of “the Point against 99 Illnesses”This point is located just below your knees (you have two such points – on your right and left knee respectively). You can easily find them by placing your palms on your knee-caps – the points will be exactly under the top of your middle fingers.
    • Sit on the edge of a chair. This will help you fix up your posture.
    • Close your eyes and think of something pleasant. For instance you looking healthy and smiling; walking in the middle of a green forest.
    • Massage this point 10 times clockwise and 10 times back-clockwise while holding the good recollections.
  4. Table MassageFull body, therapeutic table massage can be a great way to relieve stress and chronic pain. This company linked here, JoyLife Therapeutics, will provide you with a soothing table massage at your home or office, nationwide.
  5. ReflexologyBecause the main purpose of reflexology is relaxation, you can reduce stress by massaging certain areas of your hands or ask a friend to do it on your feet. Massaging the sections described below, is particularly useful. Massage each of them 2-3 times in each direction. If any place is very sensitive, carefully repeat the procedure.
    • Massage with your left thumb, the area around the base of the right thumb.
    • With the left thumb, massage the base of the right hand side of the little finger. Then go in the opposite direction of the thumb and up the outer edge.
    • Massage the left thumb with right palm: between the middle of the palm to the right thumb and the V-shaped space formed by the thumb and forefinger.
    • With the middle finger of your left hand massage the right hand top of the wrist.
    • With your left thumb, massage the top of the right thumb.
    • Massage the right thumb horizontal lines along the left hand, starting from the small finger.

Try Tiger balm. It really helps relieving most of the physical effects of stress.

More how to deal with stress tips

Relaxation at Home offers alternative and traditional relaxation techniques that you can use in the comfort of your home to relax and unwind at the end of a stressful day. Various techniques are discussed such as aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, EFT and even comfort food recipes.

Aromatherapy may help you in dealing with stress

Do You Have Your Unique Way to Deal with Stress?

Frankly I think that the effective techniques are endless. However keeping them secret helps nobody. Share them! Even though it might be the most crazy thing ever, share your effective ways to relieve stress. Let’s tell everybody what really works.

You can be helpful if you say what did not work as well. It may have not worked for you but for others it may be the best relieving technique ever. Or at least we all will know what we have to avoid…

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