Who Am I

My name is Pavel. I am pleased to assist you in finding your way to chill out effectively.

I have always been a naturally calm person, striving to find the right balances in life and always enjoying harmony. Harmony may be seen in many different ways, starting from a beautiful flower, the sunset or even an odor.

Stress on the other hand has been always destroying harmony. Nowadays it is the very basic intruder which is the root cause of numerous problems in our lives. Unfortunately not so many people realize it. And from the few who realize it not everybody knows how exactly to address the situation.

These are the basic reasons why I started to investigate the topic of stress management and created this site to share with you my experience. I am not a medical person, though. Everything I offer here are the conclusions I have reached during my personal fight against stress. In addition I have created numerous interactive spots where you can also share your experience and questions.

I have never been to Tibet, Nepal or whichever of the mountains in these beautiful regions. I would really like to go there though. Mountains inspire me a lot. I am not the keeper of infinite mysterious knowledge.

I am a simple guy. The main source for the creation of this site is my personal and professional 30 years of experience and the books I have read.

Presently I am an employee with a global fast moving and consumer goods company and I have to deal with enormous levels of stress on a daily basis.

I started to look for the reasons why. By nature I am a thinker – I can stay in my room for hours staring at the ceiling, thinking about what has just happened or what I have just read, analyzing the reasons why and this will not be a lost time for me. Meanwhile I realized that I was forgetting a lot of the conclusions I reach and decided to start writing them somewhere. This is how everything began.

I hope you found stress-management-for-health.com useful. Keep coming back because I update it regularly with more helpful information that will help you to chill out effectively.

And do not forget to share your stories and leave comments as well. This is what makes this site so useful and interesting.

Take care and good luck on your way!


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