Teenage Stress

Teenage stress is transitional and manageable.

Teenage is an exciting period and serious obstacle we all have to deal with at a certain stage of our life. The good news for you is that all adults around have passed through it and they can understand and help you.

Though it does not look like this, does it?

I know that now when you are in the teenage it is hard to deal with the pressure and tension. And it is not obligatory to be as weird as I was to have those problems. Usual events such as first date, first kiss or the look of a good looking guy/girl can drive you crazy.

However I can share with you some useful tips which can help you smoothly overcome the obstacles of teenage stress.

I had quite difficult teenage.

One of the things I liked to do most was to be alone and analyze; just to think about the events around or to stare at the nothing. I had my own world; I was living there alone and was enjoying it. I was so weird to my coevals and so far from their usual amusements…

In addition I was from the guys whose development is slightly slower compared to others. Even now I look much younger for my real age. You can imagine the relationships I had with everybody… If you wonder who to ask about teenage stress it is definitely me!

I almost had no friends and was the usual victim for hoodwinks and attacks of any sort. Yes, people can be really cruel sometimes! People usually tend to think that if you are not part of the tribe, you are against it… Or just by laughing at people who will not harm them they just catch up with their own complexes…

However, I have never regretted the price I paid to preserve my own world because this way I preserved my way of thinking; my mind; my way of being myself. If I had not done it I would have been just a piece of the mass; helpless, useless and sad.

Teenage stress caused by the laugh of others can be really unbearable.

Don’t even think about getting charged with this! OK?


Others usually laugh at you because:

  1. You have done something wrongRemember! You can not do anything wrong. The result just may not correspond to the expectations but this does not mean that what you have done is wrong. No body is perfect! Especially at the beginning!The key here is to ALWAYS do what you consider as interesting and inspiring for you and to give your best while doing it. The result will come. It ALWAYS comes!The only option when you are doomed is to behave the way others expect you to behave just because you want to please them and to avoid possible problems. This way you will be always laughed at because you will never be the best.
  2. You have done something funnyThe distinction between something wrong and something funny is not always clear. When people do mistakes others usually find them funny and laugh.However if you are an over ambitious person as I was, it is really hard for you to accept it, isn’t it?Yes, I know it is hard but sometimes the best response in such a situation is to just laugh at you with the others. Don’t try to convince them you are right! Even if you do not find the situation as funny, just laugh together with them and let it pass. They do not expect such a reaction from you and this will catch them off their guard.For sure it is better compared to frowning and this way giving food for further hoodwinks. If you frown you expose your feelings; you expose that you have been touched! Keep them secret and you will never be laughed at.
  3. Their daily round is boring and they do not know what to doThis is the best case scenario for you because the real reason is not with you.You can just disregard those guys. We all can just feel pity for them…

The teenage stress I lived because of my dates and especially the first one was unbelievable. I did not know how to behave and what the heck to talk about…

In case you wonder as well I list here some tips…

  1. Do not ever talk about the past
    Nobody likes talking about mistakes. And if she has done a lot of them this is the last thing you want to remind her about.Do not ask about previous friends or relationships. She is with you at this very moment and this is the most important thing.
  2. Brothers, Sisters
    Usually people like talking about relatives. However if it turns out that she has not talked to her brother for 5 years, do not insist on this topic.
  3. All Around the World
    There is nothing more easy than making her talking bout exciting places where she has already been. Beware! The conversation may last several hours. Especially if she likes traveling…If you manage to impress the lady, you can use the information she will share with you to get her an exciting trip to a place she would definitely like.Please do not do not start praising! Even if you have traveled the world… She is the important one at this moment. Let her talk!
  4. Career
    Yes, this is not a joke. You can ask her about her professional aspirations. What does she like doing?It is a nice way to understand how intelligent she is. I think you would like dating a lady who is at least as smart as you are…If she is disappointed from the present situation you can encourage her and give her some precious advices (if you can of course). Ladies always like gentlemen.
  5. Food and Drinks
    Favorite foods and drinks are always a nice area for discussion. You can easily impress her if you can cook.If it turns out that she can not cook, do not insist on the topic. She can take it personally and screw everything.

Keeping a journal might have a miraculous effect on your ability to deal with stress. The only thing you have to do is to formulate and write down 5 things you like in yourself.

Write them down and put them on a visible place in your room. Every single evening before going to bed just revise them and think about how to develop them. This will let you focus on your good side than the bad one.

Follow the link if you want to find out more insights about how keeping a dairy may help you to fight with teenage stress.

Choose your friends carefully and you will decrease significantly the levels of teenage stress. I have already told you before that I did not have so many friends when I was a teenager. However the few friends I had at this time are still one of my best friends.

It makes no sense at all to pretend being a friend with somebody just because you want to show off.

Look deep inside you, find your personality and let it be! This is you – you can not escape from it. If you deny it now, you will terribly suffer in the future.

There is nothing more pathetic than a person who at the age of 30 still tries to find who he/she is.

You can find so useful insights how to deal with teenage stress in books; especially self-help books. The authors of self-help books tend to be more or less philosophers; they try to understand and present the general principles of how to cope with specific problems.

This has helped me so much to see the big picture of where I am and how I want to deal with the challenges I have.

Teenage stress may be caused because you think you do not look as good as you would like to. Specifically a pimple on your noise is not the best attribute you would like to have at your first date …

Acne is the most common skin effect during teenage. It is caused by the hormones revolution which happens in your body. Some guys and girls however have a really sensitive skin and acne may be a tough hurdle on their way.

Of course if you are one of those guys or girls you have to consult a dermatology specialist.

In general the rule regarding acne is: “Hygiene rules!”

  • Wash your face using soap in the mornings and evenings and especially if you have sweated.
  • Limit as much as possible touching your face. If you have a sensitive skin touching easily soils the pores and results in pimples.
  • When the bloody pimples show up smear them with spirits or any kind of alcohol around
  • Do not try to squeeze them out, especially the first or second day. This will only be painful and can result in severe inflammations.

In addition squeezing will not contribute to you looking better for sure.

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